Riga Fly-out || @22OCT23

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Riga it’s a beautiful city in Latvia 🇱🇻! Riga have 500.000 inhabitants,and its biggest city in Latvia.They have the biggest airport in Latvia,it’s calling Riga international Airport !

Riga Airport have over 50+ destinations in Europe,but Riga Airport don’t have long haul flights,that’s very sad,but it’s ok.

Air Baltic it’s a company of Latvia,Estonia and Lithuania! Air Baltic have 53+ destinations,he fly in Europe !

Terminal Apron 1

Gate 108

Gate 106

Gate 104

Gate 102

Gate 109

Gate 107

Gate 105

Terminal Apron 3

Gate 303

Gate 300

Gate 305

Gate 307

Gate 301

Gate 309

Gate 308

Gate 306

Gate 304

Gate 302

Terminal Apron 2

Gate 214

Gate 215

Gate 216

Gate 217

Gate 208

Gate 207

Gate 206

Gate 205

Gate 204


ATC Tower:

ATC Ground:

ATC Center:


ATC Departure:

ATC Approach:

Fly-out in Riga !

Is this actually an official event?

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I see in ATC schedule October!

That doesn’t make it an official event
Official events are hosted by IF staff, community events are hosted community members that have been selected by staff to be featured


Ok so now I change the title

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I change @MANDELA I understand! But you can explain me how can i do a perfect event ?

Cuz you have more experience!

By looking at other events as examples


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