Riding my tail

What can I do when this happens? And when you turn, he turns. it’s really annoying. What do you do?


Sometimes people escort others for fun, or just to be a friend. You can not do much unless they are also on the IFC at the same time, where you can message them and ask them to stop. Eventually they should go away after about an hour to 90 minutes

What server is this on? If it’s Expert, the fighter jet can be reported for it by IFATC if you don’t have a “flight of two” callsign. If it’s TS, there’s nothing you can really do about it

Why are they doing this?

Escorting me where? I already have my flight plan mapped out. All it is, is very annoying. This did happen on the training server, but still I’d like it not to happen. Exactly why do they do this?

They probably do this for fun because they just feel like escorting people and all the stuff like that. The server you are in is the training server and there are no violations in there. If you are grade 1 and 2, you just have to get lucky I guess because there are no violations in the training and casual server ig. I know that kinda ruins the realism but that’s how it works. Players just do it for fun. If you really hate it, u see the call sign on top of each aircraft? Tap on the plane. If you see a community account appearing, you can make use of that, message the person to stop. But if he doesn’t and is anonymous, theres no thing to do about it 😅

Embrace it.

Some people enjoy escorting others around and so long as it’s not inhibiting a takeoff, landing or your taxi, it’s perfectly fine. Sure, some will find it annoying, but our community is large and therefore diverse with different tastes in aircraft.

Being escorted is a privilege. Not many do it, and when it happens, make the most of it!


I’m curious though, like escorting me where?

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no where exactly. just till you reach cruise or somewhere before that

They just escort you to your destination… or they would just leave you if they are bored

To wherever you’re going. They’re just joining you on your flight, not trying to disrupt you to join theirs.

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It’s actually kinda fun to get an escort from time to time, especially if you’re in a jet like Air Force One.

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back to mexico where that 737 came from. Probably wondering what aeromexico 737 is doing at heathrow lol.


Just enter a holding pattern if you want.

Some people really loves to be escorted or to fly in formation…

When this happens to you, as others says, try to reach for the pilot on IFC / Discord and arrange callsigns to “flight of xx” to avoid violations on the expert server …

It can turn into lots of fun like in this example

Doesn’t Aeromexico fly at terminal 3 at Heathrow?

You could try brake checking them… lol

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