Riding Into the New Year | @KPDX [Part 1]

Riding Into the New Year @KPDX

New year, new spots! This is a compilation of my spotting from January-March. So without further to do, lets get into the first ten.

Number 1.

This has to be my favorite from the year so far. I mean what’s wrong with an E/A-18 rolling with VAQ-209?

Number 2.

I found a new spot to catch 747-800Fs from.

Number 3.

N126FE tearing it into PDX. I do love cargo, and these jets always make the hairs on my neck stand up.

Number 4.

Want the coolest corporate jet ever? Well, here you go.

Number 5.

N178SY coming in low and slow.

Number 6.

Golden hour brings amazing shots. Kind of like what I got with N285VA.

Number 7 and Number 8.

Word of warning, these are both of the same plane. But I love both of them so much that I could not leave them out.

The new United livery is one of the coolest liveries in my opinion. I hated it at first, but now I love it. This is N449UA, a new livery A320.

Number 9.

This is a strange one. It is a Boeing 757-200 but a BBJ. Pretty rare to PDX. Registration is N801DM.

Number 10.

tide pod The new Sun Country livery is also a cool one. Takes Eurowhite in a whole new direction. N830SY rips off to Minnesota.

That’s about it everyone, let me know which one was your favorite by voting below. Part two will be up in a few hours at least.

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Great shots! Keep it up!

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Lol just as I finished saying I didn’t have any reference from you


That blue and white jet looks like it could be from the Syracuse area of NYC. The S looks familiar

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Wow! Those look nice!

Yes. It belongs to company called upstate paper shredding. I would assume it belongs to upstate New York. AKA a beautiful place.

That was actually the reason I made this lol.

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Also, I forgot to mention a few of these were taken with @shat. Go check him out!

Ahh yes the Tidepods lmao, I see a lot of them are parked on the ground now at my place so that kind of sucks.

Its very unfortunate.

Thank you. Its good to know.

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Love the lighting on number 6

Are you just going around to all the spotting topics… lol



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