Ridiculous Violation

So I was flying my Delta Airbus A330-300 from LAX. I had somewhere to go so I decided let’s try STOL and KSMO with my A330. I landed and got a Violation Warning because my aircraft was “too big” for the airport. So when taxing off the runway I got 1 violation. I turned around, and took off getting another violation. I gave up after that. We need some sort of system that tells you what airports your plane can or can’t land or takeoff at.

Much Thanks

The fact that you attempted landing at Class Deltas with 4,500 foot runways in a heavy is warning enough. ;)


Westjet lands their 737’s on our 7000 ft runway using pretty much all of it up

I did it tho

If you click on the airport you’re going to on the map, it’ll tell you “your current aircraft is restricted”


Really. Thanks. I was too busy landing to do that.


It’s like trying to land a 767 at EGLC. Just think about that :)


Too busy for proper flight planning sounds like you deserved the violation 😏


You get the violation warning as soon as your wheels touch the runway. As soon as you see the violation warning, you need to basically abort the landing, throttle up, retract flaps to takeoff setting, then fly to another field. If you continue with the landing and taxi off the runway, you will continue to get the violations.


Dude as a pilot you should know your aircrafts performance very well, whether your plane is capable of landing or taking off on that lenght of runway.


It is. I can land 737’s at SABA

Unfortunately it’s not a case of wether YOU can or not…if the computer says you can’t, you don’t touch that airfield.


(Jet aircraft are unable to land at the airport, because the runway is too short, but smaller STOL airplanes can.) It says on the report you can even check the charts sir.