Richmond to Los Angeles - Inaugural Flight

RIC - LAX Plane Spotting

Inaugural Flight!

Heyo, everyone!
Today I had the chance to spot the first ever nonstop flight from Richmond to Los Angeles!
This first flight was celebrated with a water solute to the aircraft when it began taxing (wasn’t able to get a pic of it)

Aircraft Info

JetBlue (Absolute Blue)

Departure: Richmond International Airport
Arrival: Los Angeles International Airport

Flight to Los Angeles rotating off of Runway 34.

And that’s all!
I also apologise for the weird blur around the tail of the aircraft… I am using my Pixel 2 for these shots with a 3rd Party zoom lense attached to it, hopefully it’s good enough!

Thank you all for reading, I am very glad I was able to see this aircraft takeoff.


Vignette has made its way to sharpness not just exposure now I guess 😂

That’s a pretty interesting flight, not one I would honestly expect to exist, good catch!

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Nice photo, well done

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