Richmond International (KRIC) - Plane Spotting

Richmond Plane Spotting

Today, I spotted at Richmond. I watched the arrivals on runway 34.

Spotted an American Airlines 737-800 from Dallas Forth Worth to Richmond.

Spotted a FedEx A300F4-605R from Memphis to Richmond.

Spotted a United ERJ-145 from Washington (KIAD) to Richmond.

Spotted a Delta MD-88 from Atlanta to Richmond.

Spotted an American Eagle CRJ-900LR from Charlotte to Richmond.

Spotted an American Eagle ERJ-145LR from Philadelphia to Richmond.

Spotted an American Eagle ERJ-140LR from LaGuardia to Richmond.

Spotted a JetBlue A320-200 from Orlando to Richmond.

Last of all, I spotted a pretty rare JetBlue Bluemanity Special Livery A320-200 from Boston to Richmond.

Your Thoughts

Those are all of my spotting images!
Keep in mind this is my first ever spotting session.

Yes, I understand the exposure was quite high. I tried my best with my camera to bring it down, but then it backlit the aircraft, so high exposure was my only choice at the time.

Sadly, I was not able to spot any Southwest planes, but I do hope to in the future.

Which picture was your favorite?

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Great shots! Most of them are a tad bit bright but they’re still pretty good! :)

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Great pictures but picture 3 is an E145, not E175

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You are correct. My bad! 😂

Yeah, they are a bit over exposed, the sun was right where the planes we’re, so I tried my best to lower it but the sun was so bright 😂.

It was a lot of fun. 👍

Nice job. Post more in the evening.

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Beautiful photos! Some are just a little too overexposed, but other then that they are gorgeous!

Great photos, I would’ve zoomed in a bit more and reduced the exposure. Either way thumbs up from me

Yep, I agree.

I looking to get a new camera, (instead of using my phone), for video.

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Yeah, once again, sorry for the overexposure. It was the only way to get it bright, without the sun taking over the image, and aircraft being darkened.

Thanks for the feedback otherwise, it was a fun session.

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Nice Shoots!! try darkening the background and if you are using an iPhone it’s possible !

I tried to, but whenever my phone tried to focus on the plane, it got very dark, so I had to bump the exposure to try to make it more visible.

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