Richmond International Airport - Master Plan Tracking Thread

Richmond International Airport

Master Plan - Tracking Thread

This thread is to track the progress of Richmond International Airport’s Master Plan.

Master Plan PDF

Updates will be listed in the first reply below.


Master Plan Progress

September 25th, 2018 - Concourse A Expansion Project

Richmond International Airport was granted a twenty-eight million dollar Concourse A expansion project, adding six new gates to the airport, giving the airport a total of twenty-eight gates.

Current progress on the Concourse A expansion is going well, with them laying down the concrete, with an expected completion date around Spring 2020.

September 21st, 2019 - Runway 7/25 Conversion into a Taxiway

After a recent federal grant, RIC received 8.4 million dollars of the grant to put work towards converting Runway 7/25 into a taxiway. Expected to begin late 2019 into 2020, is the conversion of Runway 7/25 into a taxiway.

This will continue to be updated.

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Why do we need an update tracking thread of Richmond lol

Well I mean it’s KRIC of course @InfiniteNick is gonna post it.

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Fair enough I suppose 😂

Concourse A Expansion Update

The ceiling is now being implemented to the top of the structure, completion time is coming closer. 🤞



Cool! I’ll keep checking here!

Concourse A - Expansion Update

The Concourse A project is on track for a completion in the Summer of 2020!
It is coming together very nicely.



I wish the RDU Vision 2040 was this quick

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Concourse A Update

With a scheduled completion now around the end of Summer 2021, this expansion will allow for more overnight parking spaces for airlines with the addition of six new gates.

Closing tracking thread.

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