Richat Structure

The “Eye of the Desert” is one of the strange phenomena on the surface of planet Earth, due to its amazing and exciting geological formation. This phenomenon is located in the Mauritanian desert near the ancient city of Ouadane. It is a circular crater with a huge diameter of 30 miles, surrounded by a blue halo resembling the pupil of the eye that can be seen from outer space, where the surrounding rock formations appear in the form of an eyelid. From this came its name, it was discovered by a French researcher, Theodore Mono, in the thirties of the last century, and since then, geological expeditions have been coming to that area to study its nature and try to find a scientific explanation for it.


Googles this because I’m genuinely intrigued

Never heard of this before but looks spectacular - both IRL and in Infinite Flight.

Great photos as well btw - love the angle of the second one.

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Spectacular feature! It’s interesting (from Wikipedia) that the cause of these geologic dome remains is a bit difficult to determine. High velocity impact (meteorite) is often the competing theory.

There is one of these features that NASA thought might be more likely the remains from such an impact in Utah. I mention this because it is so easy to find:
UT75, departing south it is almost right in the departure cone, about 3/4 of the way from the airport to the wide end of the cone (best viewed from higher altitude of course). Careful the steep hill.

But your photo is the better feature.

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