RIAT 2017 Confirmed Aircraft Tracking Thread

I decided to make this so that people here have an easy way to find out what aircraft are appearing at the Royal International Air Tattoo, taking place on the 14th-16th of July 2017. The airshow is possibly the biggest military airshow in the world, and I’m sure that I am not the only one on the forum attending. I will update the thread every time a new aircraft is confirmed. Also, if you are attending the airshow, comment below and tell us!

Static Display Aircraft are marked as (S) while Flying Display Aircraft are marked as (F)

Confirmed Aircraft

Royal Australian Air Force
E-7A Wedgetail 2 Squadron ISTAR (S)

Austrian Air Force
J105Öe Düsentrainerstaffel Advanced Trainer (S)
J105Öe Düsentrainerstaffel Advanced Trainer (F)

Belgian Air Component
C-130H Hercules 20 Squadron Transport (S)
F-16AM 31/349 Squadron Fighter (F)
F-16AM 31/349 Squadron Fighter (S)
Sea King Mk48 40 Squadron Helicopter (F)

Royal Canadian Air Force
CC-177 Globemaster 429 Transport Sqn Transport (S)
CH-147F Chinook 450 Tactical Helicopter Sqn Transport (S)

A400M Airbus Defence and Space Transport (F)
BN-2T Defender Britten-Norman Utility (S)
Bulldog T.1 Pitbull Basic Trainer (S)
EA400 Bruno Stocker Touring (S)
EV-97 Eurostar SL RAF Halton Microlight Club Trainer Static
EV-97 Team Eurostar RAF Halton Microlight Club Trainer Static
Extra 300L Royal Jordanian Falcons Aerobatic Team (F)
Grob 120TP Affinity Flying Services Trainer (S)
Jet Provost Mk.5 Jet Aerobatics Trainer (S)
Jet Provost T.5 Jet Aerobatics Trainer (S)
OV-10B Bronco Eureka Aviation Ground Attack (S)
P2002-JF Sierra RAF Halton Aeroplane Club Trainer Static
P-40 Kittyhawk Hangar 11 Fighter (F)
P-51D Mustang Hangar 11 Fighter (F)
Phenom 100 Affinity Flying Services Trainer (S)
RANS S6 Coyote The Georgia Williams Trust Light Aircraft (S)
Skyvan Eureka Aviation Utility (S)
T-6C Affinity Flying Services Trainer (S)

Czech Republic Air Force
JAS-39 Gripen 211th Tactical Squadron Fighter (F)
L-159 ALCA TBC Light Attack (F)
L-159 ALCA TBC Light Attack (S)

Royal Danish Air Force
CL-604 Eskadrille 721 Transport (S)

Finnish Air Force
Midnight Hawks Hävittäjälentolaivue 41 Aerobatic Team (F)

Finnish Army Aviation
NH90 TTH 2.HK/HekoP Helicopter (S)

French Air Force
Alpha Jet x2 TBC Trainer (S)
Mirage 2000D Couteau Delta Demonstration Team (F)
Rafale Solo Display Team Fighter (F)

German Air Force
A400M LTG-62 Transport (S)
Eurofighter EF2000/T TLG-73 Fighter (S)
Eurofighter EF2000/T TLG-74 Fighter (S)
Tornado PA200 IDS/ECR TG-51 Fighter - Ground Attack (S)
Transall C-160D LTG-61 Transport (S)

German Navy
EC-135 Marinefliegergeschwader 5 Trainer (S)
P-3C Orion Marinefliegergeschwader 3 Maritime Patrol (S)
Sea Lynx Marinefliegergeschwader 5 Multi-Purpose (S)

Hellenic Air Force
F-4E Phantom 117 Combat Wing Fighter (S)

Hungarian Air Force
JAS-39C/D Gripen 59Wing / 1 Sqn ‘Puma’ Fighter (S)

Italian Air Force
C-27J Spartan TBC Transport (F)
M-346 Master TBC Trainer (F)
Tornado A-200 TBC Fighter (F)

Japan Air Self Defense Force
KC-767J 404 Hikotai Tanker - Transport (S)

Royal Jordanian Air Force
C-130H 3 Squadron Transport (S)

Lithuanian Air Force
C-27J Spartan Transport Sqn Transport (S)


Royal Netherlands Air Force
C-130H-30 336 Squadron Transport (S)
Do-228 334 Squadron (S)

Polish Navy
Antonov AN-28B1R 44th Naval Air Base Maritime Surveillance Static

Qatar Emiri Air Force
C-130J-30 Hercules Airlift Wing Transport Static

Slovenian Air Force
Let 410 107.Letalska Baza Transport (S)
PC-9M LETŠ Trainer (S)
PC-9M LETŠ Trainer (F)

Spanish Air Force
EF-18AM Hornet TBC Fighter (F)

Swedish Air Force
JAS 39C Gripen TBC Fighter (F)
JAS 39D Gripen TBC Fighter (S)

Swiss Air Force
F-5E Tiger II Patrouille Suisse Aerobatic Team (F)

Turkish Air Force
F-16 SoloTurk Fighter (F)

Army Air Corps
Defender 4000 651 Sqn Utility (S)
WAH-64D Apache HQAHF Helicopter (F)
Wildcat AH.1 TBC Helicopter (S)

Royal Air Force
Chinook HC.4 TBC Helicopter (F)
Hawk Red Arrows Aerobatic Team (F)
Lancaster BBMF Heavy Bomber (F)
Puma HC.2 33/230 Sqn Helicopter (S)
Spitfire x 4 BBMF Fighter (F)
Tucano T.1 72 (R) Sqn Trainer (S)
Typhoon FGR.4 29 (Reserve) Squadron Fighter (F)
Vigilant T.1 2FTS Trainer (S)
Viking TX.1 2FTS Trainer (S)
Voyager KC2/3 10/101 Squadron Tanker (S)

Royal Navy
Hawk T.1 736 NAS Trainer (S)
King Air / Avenger T.1 750 NAS Trainer (S)
Merlin HC3/3A 815 NAS Helicopter (S)
Sea King ASaC.7 849 NAS Helicopter (S)
Wildcat HMA.2 TBC Helicopter (S)

US Air Combat Command
F-16 Fighting Falcon Thunderbirds Demonstration Team (F)

US Air Force
B-1 Lancer 28th BW Heavy Bomber (S)
B-52 Stratofortress 2nd BW Heavy Bomber (S)
F-22 Raptor Air Combat Command Fighter (F)

US Air Force Reserve Command
C-17A 315AW/701AS Transport (S)

US Air Force Special Operations Command
CV-22B Osprey 352 SOW/7 SOS Tactical Transport (F)
CV-22B Osprey 352 SOW/7 SOS Tactical Transport (S)
MC-130J Commando II 352 SOW/67 SOS Tactical Transport (S)

US Air Forces Europe
F-16C 52FW/480FS Fighter (S)

To be Confirmed

US Navy
P-8A Poseidon TBC Maritime Patrol (S)


KDC-10 334 Squadron Tanker (S)

The list will be updated as new aircraft, flying or static, are confirmed. Thank you for reading :)

Some of the aircraft appearing at the show can be seen here:


If only I lived in Europe ;(

Wish I loved in Europe currently. 😂

Looks like there’s is no chance if someone wants to attack someone or something, due to all those fighter jets…

I went to it last year and every day I would check their website if any new planes were coming (mostly I was just checking if the RAAF was coming, and they did)

Last year they had the F35a and B, this year it looks like they won’t be coming. They were amazing last year. The B hovered for around 2m before landing

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Did the US Thunderbirds attend last year or was it the Blue Angels?

(Do they have one of these in the US?) :)

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Neither attended. 😡 wish they did. The red arrows were there though


Well the Thuderbirds this year is going to be pretty cool… They are amazing

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I saw the F-35 at FIA16, it was incredible! @Balloonchaser this is the first attendance of the Thunderbirds for quite a while, very exciting stuff!

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This is the first Air Tattoo that I’ll be missing in around five years, typical that I’m missing the US Thunderbirds🙄


Its an amazing event. I hope i will be able to attend this year. Military air shows are normally so spectacular and amazing

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Those guys are absolutely amazing. Such beautiful aircraft as well

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Unlucky mate. This will be my first visit to the show so I’ll get you loads of pictures instead!

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Here’s a little update

The US are sending their large bombers to the UK. And where do they usually stay while in the UK? RAF Fairford. And where is RIAT held? You guessed it!

Canadian c17 and chinook coming for static too, both making riat debuts!

AirTattoo Statement:

A very welcome Royal Canadian Air Force contingent is set to attend RIAT 2017. A Boeing CC-177 Globemaster III airlifter from 429 Transport Squadron at Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Ontario will fly in for static display - bringing a Boeing CH-147F Chinook helicopter operated by 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron at Petawawa, Ontario in its hold, also for the static park. This will be the first time either type has attended a British airshow in Canadian service.

A variety of civilian types have confirmed their attendance at RIAT 2017. Britten-Norman confirm a BN-2T Defender; Bulldog T.1; Extra E-400; Tony de Bruyn’s OV-10B Bronco and Shorts Skyvan; and Jet Aerobatics’ Jet Provost Mk.5.

Cheers for notifying me :) I’ve updated the main thread!

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•A small aircraft with a big story will be on static display in the Techno Zone at this summer’s Air Tattoo. The RANS S6 Coyote is one of six aircraft that were built by schools under the Boeing / RAeS Build-A-Plane initiative. G-GWFT was bought by The Georgia Williams Trust in November 2016 following its construction by pupils at Ercall Wood Technical College in Shropshire.

•Two flying clubs based at RAF Halton will be sending a total of three training aircraft, for static display at RIAT. RAF Halton Microlight Club will be represented by an EV-97 Eurostar SL and an EV-97 Team Eurostar whilst RAF Halton Aeroplane Club will bring its Tecnam P2002-JF Sierra training aircraft. All three aircraft were purchased thanks to grants provided by the RAF Charitable Trust.

•Having made its Air Tattoo and UK airshow debut two years ago, the Qatar Emiri Air Force returns to RIAT in 2017 with a C-130J-30 Hercules in the static display. Based at Al Udeid Air Base, this is one of four such aircraft in the air arm’s inventory, the fleet having been delivered in 2011-12.

•RIAT 2017 will welcome back the Hungarian Air Force with a JAS 39 Gripen fighter from the ‘Puma’ squadron of the 59th Tactical Fighter Wing at Kecskemét. The aircraft will be on static display.

•A static contribution will come from the Polish Navy with a return visit by a PZL-Mielec M28 Bryza 1R. The example of the twin-turboprop maritime surveillance aircraft attending RIAT 2017 will come from the 44th Naval Base at Siemirowice.

•The Lithuanian Air Force is sending a C-27J Spartan twin-turboprop tactical airlifter from its Transport Squadron to RIAT 2017, only the type’s second Air Tattoo appearance in the hands of the Baltic state.


  • KDC-10 of the Netherlands Air Force has cancelled it’s appearance at RIAT 2017

  • US Navy P-8A Poseidon is currently TBC

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UPDATE 15/06/17

The Royal Air Force has confirmed 12 more aircraft for the RIAT 2017 static display. From nearby Brize Norton will come Atlas C1 and C-17A Globemaster III transports from Nos 70 and 99 Squadrons respectively; No 12 Squadron at Marham contributes a pair of Tornado GR.4s, and Nos 1 and 6 Squadrons at Lossiemouth a Typhoon FGR.4 each; while from the training fleet’s participation will be boosted by a No IV (Reserve) Squadron Hawk T.2, a Hawk T.1 from 100 Squadron and a No 45 (Reserve) Squadron King Air B200/350.

Two RAF helicopters have also been added to the static display, a Griffin HT.1 from 60 (R) Squadron and a Squirrel HT.1 from the Central Flying School.

A wide variety of civilian aircraft also confirm; Mark Petrie’s Strikemaster, a Piper Cub to celebrate USAF 70th, Gulfstream’s G550, a DA-42 Twin Star and two Ikarus C42s.

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