Rian's ATC Tracking Thread - Joined IFATC, Thanks!

Hello all! My name is Rian and this is my ATC tracking thread. I’m all new to the tracking thread, so feedback about this thread would be most appreciated. I’m planning on entering the training process of IFATC soon so don’t be shy with feedback😉 enjoy my ATC services!


I hope to practice pattern work with you. Feedback is appreciated at the end of the session! See you soon!


I will come 👋

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hoi man!!! Ik ben Filipe om IF

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APP crashed,I will give you feedback later

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I am Yellow 2

  1. Transition altitude is 3000ft,4500 is too high
  2. I request t&g, you should give a pattern instructions first then a clear.
  3. There were no aircraft in 23L, why give me number 2
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Hallo! Zeer bedankt voor de meewerking en geduld!

EGCC IS NOW CLOSED thank you all for attending!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I will certainly adjust my habits regarding this

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EGCC AIRPORT IS NOW OPEN on training server for 45+ minutes
I need practice with patterns and sequencing, if joining, could you please state your callsign? All feedback is appreciated

Runways in use: 23R, 23L

Runways in use: 05L, 05R

EGCC closing in 5 minutes due to lack of interest😔

EGCC is now closed

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Hello all! LFBO is now open for 45 minutes for anyone doing patterns, transitions, rwy changes or just landing.

I’m doing my IFATC practical this week so please be critical when giving me feedback. Hope to see you there Runways in use: 14R, 14L

Hi everyone! PGUA is now open. Feel free to come along and fly some patterns as my IFATC practical test is on Friday! All feedback is appreciated.
Hope to see ya there

Runways in use: 06L, 06R winds 10013kt

I’ll stop by in 20 minutes. I’m finishing up a flight.

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Thanks very much😁😁