RFS C130 Memorial Flight @ YSRI 230900ZJAN20

You may have heard that today, a NSW Rural Fire Service C130 crashed while helping to fight fires in Australia. We thought it would be fitting to host a memorial flight tonight in the C130 from Richmond (where the aircraft took off) to Canberra, near where it crashed.

(More information here: Three Dead following Firefighting C-130 crash in Australia)

  • Aircraft and Livery: C130H/C130J Any livery

  • Route: YSRI 3340S/15049E ANKUB 3433S/15047E RAZZI 3516S/14919E FN171 YSCB

  • Time of Departure: 9:00:00 AM

  • Server: Casual Server

  • Additional Information:
  • Louis (who is not on the IFC) with callsign RFS001 will be leading the event.
  • Spawn in about 5-10 minutes prior to departure.
  • Please maintain proper separation between aircraft during the flight.

Hey mate I would have loved to come being in the RFS and GAF (RAAF C-130 qualified) but unfortunately I only found out about it now. Next time I highly suggest you leave it at least a week as it doesn’t look like anyone else had time to come either.


Sorry to hear, this was just created as a quick group flight amongst some pilots at QVG, however it would be a great idea to make this into a formal event some time in the future.

Yeah rightio I haven’t checked QVG discoed yet.

“According to its flight data, the aircraft departed RAAF Base Richmond, in western Sydney, about 12:05pm.” - ABC news
I just realised I saw it with the DC-10 and two Boeing 737LOTs at Richmond on Tuesday so I was probably the last IF pilot and RAAF C-130 pilot to see it!😭

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