RFDS Pilatus PC-12

Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Pilatus PC-12 - Australian Medical Aircraft

RFDS are our primary Medivac / Medical Aircrafts and Air Ambulances in Australia. They service remote areas of Australia, life saving staff can arrive and assist our people, RFDS then transport patients to larger Hospitals as required.

Without these guys here in Aus, us country folk wouldn’t get by in those Emergency situations. With the coming of Global, this would be a great addition of Aircraft and Livery to IF.

‘Image courtesy of http://thommorfds.blogspot.com/‘

Cleaned up that title for you ;)

It looks really cool! Would be something to fly around the Outback with global!


Will be good to fly in the outback!

That livery was already requested in the original Pilatur PC-12 feature request.


Livery requests and aircraft requests are kept seperate. This aircraft would be awesome in IF!


That was a request for PC-12.

This is a specific request for RFDS PC-12. You’ll realise soo enough that it was only mentioned.

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The pc-12 isn’t even in the game yet. Its just ridiculous to request a livery for an aircraft wich isnt even in the game yet nd the livery is one wich will be with high chances any included if they add this aircraft. -.-

No it is fine, there are hundreds, maybe even a thousand livery requests that do not yet have aircraft in IF. You could even include DC-10 and MD-11 livery requests! Take A350 liveries as an example:
Not even confirmed in the slightest bit.

It’s ok Marsiana. You don’t have to agree with what I am requesting. Stress less and vote on what you want. Nobody will judge you my friend. If you don’t like it, simple keep scrolling through the Community Page.

You have a great night. JB. ✌🏾🇦🇺


Yes, this would be a nice touch, Flying Global around aus


Well good to bring it up again👍 And by the way, what if in the future they add the aircraft and I didn’t request for that livery. It’s better to ask beforehand don’t you agree?