Rex Saab 340 trip report

I’m on exchange in Australia right now. I got invited to go to Sydney for new years and then up to Port Macquarie for a few days. This topic will be about my first flight from Moruya (MYA) to Sydney (SYD) on Rex airlines’ Saab 340.

The flight number was ZL6116, which is an early departure at 6:45am

The plane is completely silent when boarding which was a weird feeling for me as it was my first time flying a Saab 340.

Rex offers tea, coffee and water as drinks on regional flights. We also got offered either a sweet or savoury snack. This was definitely enough for a 45min flight. I went for water and savoury snack. I quite like their branded mugs and napkins.

We had to do two 360s for spacing in Sydney, which gave us passengers a good opportunity to have a good look at the scenery.

The legroom on these Saabs isn’t great for a guy like me (I’m about 187cm or 6ft 1in). The configuration is 1-2 so in theory the A side would give more legroom. I was sitting on C.

After a short flight, we landed at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport. The approach was quite bumpy. One thing that surprised me was the amount of drag the props produce when put to idle after touchdown.

Our plane parked on a Rex remote stand. We took the bus to the terminal.

Overall, the flight was nice and scenic. The flight attendant was very nice and the snack was definitely enough. More drink choices would be nice though.

This is my first trip report so don’r hesitate to give me feedback (negative is also appreciated).
I will post trip reports about my other three flights later on.
Thanks for reading!


Nice photos! The last image failed to upload before you posted though, FYI 😉

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Oh😅 Thanks for that! Fixed it

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