REX Saab 340 PQQ-SYD

I flew on REX Airlines’ Saab 340 from Port Macquarie to Sydney. This is the third one of the flights I took on my trip. We had great weather so we had good views, especially on approach to Sydney.

Ready to board

We back taxied just to the end of the runway because the runway is pretty short.

Lighthouse beach in Port Macquarie from the plane right after departure.

I like the fact that REX has some stretches you can do in their inflight magazine.

After a quick flight, we started approaching Sydney. I got a nice view if the airport and the city!

Our landing into Sydney was actually quite hard. The pilot probably came from Ryanair. We exited the runway next to the iconic Sydney ATC tower

It was a short flight with great views and a hard landing. I definitely enjoyed it! After all, I was flying so everything was great!😅

Thanks for reading and feedback is appreciated!


I’m still yet to fly on REX, but that flight looks like it was thoroughly enjoyable!


It was! They are pretty good airline for getting the job done but they don’t offer much on the regional flights. Legroom isn’t great either

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