REX Regional Express Virtual - Coming Soon

Hey everyone would like to say we are starting up REX virtual. We are going to decide weather we will have some other Regional express airlines E.G REX America, REX Europe. We will have the main (regional express) one as realistic as possible. We are going to see what (aircraft) to use. So far we have made the choice to use the 208 as IF dose not have the SAAB. We will make A official post on when we start up.


P.S how do you make a wiki?


Position will be available soon (around mon)

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Do you need any staff? @Hankthegamer

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Yes, I have began to make routes. You good at making websites?

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@emirk is amazing at websites. @Zachary_Meir_Tish is good as well. I’m not as good 😵, although I helped out with the Olympics one.


Just putting this out there: REX is actually a real world world Australian regional airline.


i know, wish they flew into CBR

IFPM stands ready to offer its VA services if yo uso desire! You can contact @Zachary_Meir_Tish or g to our website and fill out our VA application

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Can we chat on PM about this?

Sure, it may take a while as I need to talk to the other person

Just PM when info becomes available about what the other person thinks

Press the gear just below your comment and press ‘make a wiki’.

I could make some logos if you want. Here is the route map for your info And its subsidiaries:
Please like here to support the Rex livery! It’s a shame we don’t already have the Saab 340 .
REX (Regional Express) Saab 340


Thanks, what’s Pel air?

Pelican Air (not to be confused with Ansett’s now defunct Aeropelican). They specialise in charter flights (passenger and freight) across Australia. They also have a contract for Ambulance Victoria.


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Oh yeah, they fly into Canberra sometimes… so technically REX does fly into canberra

Rex is coming! Stay tuned for the official release.



The opening of Rex Regional Express Virtual will be postponed until late 2017. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Why so late?

Why not fly the Q400 and Citation X as well?

Because they don’t fly them in real life and it’s meant to replicate the real-world REX? 😂