REX Flight loses its propeller mid flight

Well, if they haven’t located it, there’s a good possibility it could be on a house :/ The flight path may not be over houses, but if the propeller was spinning, it could land somewhere completely different.

If it was a house I’m sure we would know. Definitely would of done a lot of damage falling from 6,000 feet + the RPM it was spinning at. These Dowty propellers are quite large.


The propellor has been found by a police helicopter! It was in bushland next to a residential area in Revesby Heights.

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The propellor was winched by a police helicopter to a nearby oval to be transported to Bankstown Airport for examination. The ATSB is will investigate the propellor and flight data.

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Rex has grounded its Saab 340B fleet until gearboxes and shafts are replaced as a precaution.

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That’s the only model they have?

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No, they have a few other models interestingly. They might be charter.

Rex website says they also have B1900D.
They’ll put these into passenger service i guess

Yeah my Dad was put on a Beechcraft after the scheduled Saab 340 became unavailable. Btw it’s just the 340B grounded.

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That B1900 is used for Cargo flights. I live next revesby heights, so very lucky it didn’t kill anyone


Maybe it was one of the Air-Link aircraft then.

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