Reworks before new aircraft

i’d like to make a proposal: can we rework all the planes in infinite flight before making new ones? that way when a new one comes out all the planes already in the game are all up to date.


How is that different from what we’re already doing? ;)


I hope 787 would be reworked somethimes too. But first the a380 ;)

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I think he’s referencing the CL35, however I can’t speak for him.

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since it’s replacing the current corporate jet, that kind of counts as a rework?


Well, not really since there is no previous model to base this off of whatsoever.

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Reworks are generally never based on the previous model. They’re redone from scratch.


Yes true. A lot of work goes into each aircraft when its time for a renew. Work in progress and in time the database will have all live cockpits and realisitc sounds aircraft etc but that’s long way away

True but the background knowledge of some idea of the physics would be useful.

The thing is that IF has a lot of old planes that are going out of service in real life. Examples would be the B747, A380, B717, etc. What would be the point if reworking older planes that are soon to be retired, when they can add newer planes that are going to stay in service for a while. I know the rework poll has older aircrafts, but both are still in service and many airlines still operate them, and don’t intend on retiring for a few more years. I could be 100% wrong on this, but this is just my guess.

A counter argument could very easily be made for this; if current aircraft types are going to be in service for so much longer, why not use this time to focus on older planes that are soon to be phased out, and with that, information be even harder to find, than to make something that could also be done a couple of years down the line.

There are many opinions on the same matter but the bottom line is that you can’t make a decision that’ll please everyone. The vocal minority will always continue to make their cases, but the fact of the matter is that the people’s vote being cast will be the final deciding choice. That’ll be the case unless the decision is overturned for one reason or another, which will hopefully never happen.


Like I said, I could’ve been wrong, but I was just giving my best guess.

I wish people would stop saying the A380 is on it’s way out because it isn’t. It’s just taking the industry a while to re-establish them into their fleets.

Now about this guy’s post, I don’t understand what he’s implying can someone please help me understand?

I see a lot of airlines retiring them in real life. I am not going to argue with you about that.

He is basically asking the IF staff to not add planes, and instead rework all the current planes in IF before adding another plane into the sim.

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what i mean is rework the planes already in the game before creating new ones for example the challenger 350:

That is a good idea, and as previously mentioned, that does seem the direction that there heading, with the only exception being the Challenger 350, but in that case, it’s more practical to create a 350 then to rework the Citation, as it’s not nearly as used.

As you may notice if you take a look at the recent development history, choices are being made that will have a positive impact on the user experience in the future.

One of the main reasons the Challenger 350 was chosen to be developed instead of reworking the Citation is because Infinite Flight have all the data they need to create an accurate representation of the Challenger 350 in app due to a member of the moderating team being a Challenger 350 pilot.

It makes more sense and would also save time in the long run as Infinite Flight don’t need to search for accurate data when they have it at their fingertips.


If your plan stops me from getting a new regional prop, Im against it.

Already what we’re doing with the exception of the Challenger which will be replacing another outdated model.