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Hello aviators, This week I have been flying a lot more as it was the holidays. This week I have noticed an unusual amount of trolls taking place on expert, when I go to report them I press report and nothing ever happens. I propose that when you go to a report you type what happened with an attached replay. This would be sent to a mod, staff or even regular and they could review it as it would/should have a time stamp and they would add to the list where a mod would add a report. This would make the game more realistic a safer and less fustrating place.

The report button was abused soo many times over the years the mods had no choice but to revoke everyone’s power but IFATC guys, gals and staff can only report


People can still just spam it with reports

Yeah I guess and there would be a lot of abuse but I would like something to be done about it.

You know it might be possible if a few mature grade 5s in good standing were selected to have report abilities too.

The mods have an incredibly-large workload just with ATC reports. Adding the need to watch replays of every pilot report would exponentially increase that workload.

Consider that even the majority of IFATC can’t report as pilots for this reason.

Also, many times when I’m watching a field that’s busy without ATC, pilots who end up being ghosted are often in situations where they would probably ghost the pilot with whom they were interfering, thinking they were in the right, when in fact it was the other way around.

Just as an example, any time the colors switch for a moment, problems arise. At Sydney yesterday, 34s had been in use for hours and there was still active approach vectoring to 34s, just no tower. Even after 100 traffic advisories, one pilot tried to take off from 16R at the same time a pilot was taking off from 34L.

Now, there, that pilot on 16R is going to probably report the other for being in his way, though he was clearly the one going against the flow of traffic. It’s just way too much work, and these would add up to the mods doing nothing but reviewing pilot reports.

Two planes approach each other at Cruise at the same altitude. One has to be at the wrong flight level for his direction of travel, but clearly he doesn’t know this or he’d be at a proper one. Does he get to report?

Sequencing reports would be overwhelming. We see it all the time the second tower closes. A guy fourth in line suddenly divebombs a short base turn and cuts someone off. When he lands, does he report the person right behind him he just cut off for lacking separation?

The situations are just too numerous, and the overall idea requires perfect understanding of the rules on the part of every pilot, and we are certainly light years away from achieving that. (Yes, I know LY is a measure of distance…eons away? Or if you’re George Lucas…Parsecs away?)


Just to tag off this is there anyway I would be able to report foul behavior if IFATC is not present. If not then the feature is sorta valid idea. My point being we do need a system of some sort.

But would people start abusing the system again?

Most likely. If someone got reported by another player, they’d probably complain about someone who did a similar mistake as them, and then situation would just snowball.

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You mean would Internet trolls cease to exist?

Surely this is a rhetorical question.

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No it’s not.

It could turn into a disaster…

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I was being facetious.

Of course it would.


For the most part, i agree. But i don’t think having regulars making decisions like this is a good idea

Considering the fact that now multiplayer replays are now available this could potentially work.
Although there is a potential for spamming this can be easily mitigated through:

1 Ensuring that all reports contain an explanation as to why the user believed the reported individual was in violation of a rule. (This would also allow a mod to advise both parties on any areas of the rules where there is insufficient knowledge.

2 Creating a limit on the amount of reports an individual can make in a day

3 Punishing individuals who are found to be spamming severely e.g. demotion to a lower grade and/or a permanent removal of the report button for that individual.

4 Only granting access to individuals who have been on the expert server for a certain amount of hours. This would decrease the likelihood of accidental false reports while also increasing the difficulty for bot account report spamming.

This system wouldn’t work, there is a reason why the button doesn’t work anymore.