Reworked Infinite Flight Account Sign Up Process

When you sign up to Infinite Flight in-app I believe the sign up process should be something like this:

Step 1: Sign up using Google or Facebook.
Step 2: Pick a display name, unique, no spaces, short (required)
Step 3: Pick a password, password protect your account (optional)
Step 4: Acronyms, seperated by a comma (optional) See this request: Add a field to user information for acronyms

The sign in process would be very simple and very similar to the sign up process for the forum or any other website/service you’d join. Just like the forum, you would not be able to change your username (display name).

All users who currently have an account would on restart of their device or update of the app, be promted to choose a display name (required) and password (optional).

If your display name is taken, you would then receive a message “display name taken”.

There would be a page in your settings that would allow you to change your display name and password.

By changing your display name, you risk loosing your previous display name.

I think if users did not have the ability to change their display name, it would greatly help with organization among other things within groups (VAs/VOs), moderation, reports (ghosts), violations, support, ect. because users would be linked to their specific and unique account.

i like the idea

Maybe it somehow can be connected with IFC? To avoid user-search topics.


This I do not like at all
I’m already not supportive of IFC not allowing you to change your own username but now Infinite Flight?

The rest I’m fine with


So my display name would be GAF-IFAviation.Creative idea it wouldn’t look bad.

Would this only effect those who join after this rework has been done, through the new sign up system or everyone, even those who signed up for a long time ago with the current system?

I mean, I agree with @BigBert10 on that part, I would not like the display name to be set forever to one specific name… that just limit everything even further and is a very narrow minded thought in my opinion. I don’t see any reason or purpose to not allow people to change their display name as long as they don’t 100% copy others, infringe with any laws or has any cursive words.

As much as this would help people identify others, I still think we need to re-think how that not be able to change your display name feature would work.


See below.

I would add that there should be a page on both the forum and in-app that would allow you to change your display name/username. Currently you need to ask a moderator to change your username.

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I agree I am already a little upset that I can’t change my IFC username to IF_Aviation so I don’t want the same for the app

And I don’t want to have to ask a moderator to change my display name


So in order to change your display name you’d have to ask a Moderator to change your IFC name and then you’d change it on IF?

That sounds like a hassle and quite unnecessary. Why limiting someone to stick with the same name?


Maybe there could be a certain cooldown for however long you have to wait to change your username again. Maybe 1 week or one month.


This I dont mind

Oh please no. I don’t want my display name to be the exact same as my IFC name

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Mine already is, but for holiday season I like t change it up a bit, but according to Trio’s concept here, that will a feature long gone…

That’s ridiculous, sorry.

I taught Infinite Flight removed signing in from google due to privacy issues from apple. I may be wrong tho.

Maybe there could be an option to link your IFC account with your IF account. It would be optional, though.

thats a good idea and function to have


I believe when you lose ATC communications, you are supposed to keep your username NORDO, and keeping the callsign NORDO would simply waste time (From ATC as I assume they would still try and contact you), so it just would not work to have to ask a moderator to change your callsign…

Just my 2 cents :)

I’m fine with linking my IF account with my IFC account but I’m not fine with having my IF display name being the exact same as my IFC username

Obviously that is ridiculous

I like the current system in IF where you can change your display name whenever you want and to whatever you want (appropriate only) but I don’t like the idea of having to ask a moderator to change your display name for you. They already have work on their hands, and they don’t need more of the unnecessary task of changing a user’s display name.

Also, if a user does not want to join IFC and makes a typo in his/her display name or wants to change his/her display name, he/she would have to join IFC just to PM a moderator to change the IF display name. Makes it more complicated and might be an invasion of privacy for said user.