Reworked In-Game Logbook

Hi, we currently have a log book in Infinite Flight with the basic IACO codes and flight times. However I think it would be very useful to be able to go onto the log book and and see your flight plan, your fuel used, distance travelled and PAX

It would be similar as above but maybe there would be an advanced section hiding all this information. I think this would be very good for logging flights in VAs and just a little touch to make a big improvement. Thanks for reading InfiniteAviation06!

Great idea. Remember to vote for your own topic.

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Well, yes, not a bad idea. Could be useful for more flight information and reports in Expert ATC servers.


I feel like instead of having it on the side, you could click on each flight to show more details


As a VA CEO this would be great especially for something I have in the works.

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Yes that I what would happen

I know this kind of sounds off topic, but there is already two similar features made like this one. I think maybe most of the interface must be reworked since it is spoken throughout the community…

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I like this idea, would be really useful for VAs like you said and also if they had an option to copy the FPL and settings from that flight.

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Yes this is the idea

It would be nice to have the number of landings after leaving a flight