Reworked Icelandair 757 // Reykjavik - Frankfurt

Hey everyone,

For roughly the past week I have been given the great opportunity of flying the reworked 757 in its open beta stage. I managed to complete a few greasy realsitic flights with it, and immediately fell in love with the rework. A few days ago I managed to fly this beautiful aircraft from Iceland down to Frankfurt. Let me know what you think of my edits and shots!

Please note sharing of 757 media is now allowed and a no-longer hard enforced rule.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

Airline/Livery: Icelandair

Route: BIKF - EDDF

Server: Expert

Pushing from the gate, another Icelandair 757 (@ThomasR) departs off of Runway 01 headed for Heathrow.

Wing view of Departure of BIKF, with Keflavik in view next to the airport.

Passing into the Netherlands (my personal favourite shot)

Touching down on an ATC assigned 07L at Frankfurt with a beautiful Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F (@Captain_JR) at their gate.

Taxiing past a stunning TUI 757-200 (@ToasterStroodie) on the way to my Remote Stand.

Parked at the Remote Stand, with the window and front door open 😍, with a British Airways 757-200 (@joslleymiguel_holand), American Airlines 777-300ER (@anon99275236), TUI 757-200 (@ToasterStroodie), and Lufthansa A350 in the background. There’s also a Lufthansa A319 (@Gaby_Burnei) behind Toaster.

Parked at the Remote Stand.

Thanks for taking a look at these shots. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, ‘Thank You, Good Day!’


First! Great pics


Nice shots @Ecoops123 ;)

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Very nice photos! My favorite is the second one.

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Omg i did. This flight too lol. Loving it.


Awesome photos, thank you for mentioning me😅


Amazing post my friend👌

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Really nice to see some traffic at Reykjavik! Nice route choice btw!

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WOAW very noce

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Very nice shots!

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Great shots!!

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Nice job bud, I really liked the first pic, and I’m glad you spotted me at the airport, thanks!

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I love the first picture! Amazing shots 🤩✈️


It is always great to spot people! Especially after the 20.2 update it’s so easy to find users!

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