Reworked Citation X

I read in the “August update” post that the Cessna Citation X had been reworked, what new features does it have? How does it handle? Are the controls lighter than those of the A320 family? Was ground effect added? Had a rework on this aircraft been announced?

Autoland was added

Was something else added?

Reworked physics.


I don’t think so, haven’t checked yet

Ground effect? How are the controls? Light or A320 like?

Nope, APPR wasn’t added to the CCX.


Oh, I thought it was. So just the 777s and 787s?

Well remember if you went full throttle in a slight turn you would make your plane drift like a R33 Nissan Skyline? Yeah that dosent happen anymore. The physics are a lot better

No autoland, just reworked physics. It handles really nice now. :)


Are the controls light or heavy?

Not sure if that was implemented.

They’re supposed to be pretty similar to real life controls. I would say pretty light.

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I’ll consider getting this aircraft.
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Wait can someone confirm whether it has ground effect?


Reworked physics should mean ground effect included though.

It does have ground effect.


Where is autoland? I allready update it.

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