Reworked ATC frequency tuning

I’d love to have the ability to set the frequencies I plan to tune to just like how I can set the avionics sources, in advance. It can be kind of cumbersome to quickly scroll through the list of airports to find the correct frequency, especially if you are in a highly dense part of the world where there is a lot of airports. Here’s a concept I made of what I think that could look like based off the avionics panel.

Just like how the avionics menu works, you’d be able to set COM 1, COM 2, and the Standby frequencies. Not sure how this portion would work, but this could potentially open the door to being able to monitor two frequencies at once. Again, not sure how that would work but it would be amazing. For example, being able to stay on Ground’s frequency while getting the ATIS on a secondary frequency.

  1. This could allow for better planning beforehand, you could set the frequencies well in advance.
  2. It would reduce the pilot’s workload if they were not in contact with ATC, meaning ATC wouldn’t be switching them from frequency to frequency.
  3. If the ability to monitor another frequency became possible then it would eliminate the issue of people for example leaving an active frequency to check ATIS while taxiing.
  4. It would be pretty cool.

You’d still have the ability to see the frequencies available like you can now, if you select one it would automatically change the active COM.

This would be cool for the more advance people in avation. How would this work out for the more new people?


You’d still be able to use the tuning to frequencies like you can now. It would just change the COM 1 and source automatically I guess.


Got My Vote! ;)


I’ll join in the voting!


No way. I just voted at the exact same time as someone!

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Also, if you couldn’t figure out how to make that work, good luck flying the plane because the navigation stuff is the same but I would think the simple tuning we have now would still need to be present.

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That was me!

@Trio okay! :)

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Perfect idea, voted for this! Hope this gets added soon :/.

@Trio. MaxSez: Excellent suggestion. Out of votes but will find one.
(Ability to. Chg/Canx Freq a must. Nav permits no Chg/Canx option.)
Regards, Max

Kyle Kyle Kyle. I love this idea dude! Amazing edit as well. I support it

Easiest vote to date.

The best idea for more realism. Have my vote :D

Great request, voted!

I fully agree with you there mags

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You got my vote, this would be an amazing addition and would come in handy for sure!

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I’m out of votes but will actually have to clear one as I love this feature. I rarely say this too.

Side note that I would love this for the avionics as well to be able to tune via the menu but the current setup is pretty sweet as well.

Got my vote

Excellent feature request. Definitely +1 vote.

The good thing about this feature is that it can act as a precursor to the radio panel controls in the live cockpits where one can tune not only to ATC frequencies manually but also to the NAVs enabling full functionality.