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Ok, so here’s the thing. We are lucky enough to have a great dev team that gives us a bunch of great updates. One of the things I like most about IF is the amount of planes and liveries included. I’m as excited about future aircraft updates as the next person. (I even made one of the posts I’m talking about). There are many open posts about which plane should be reworked next. Can we clean it up so that there are just feature requests for a reworked aircraft, along with ONE post in general about reworked planes (whichever the mods think is best)?

Since these are in general, and aren’t feature requests, can we close some of them at least? I don’t really care which, it would just consolidate everything and make things much clearer. Some of the posts are outdated as well. The other idea is that someone just makes a new, updated post and all these get closed.

Also, please note that these are all under general. I have no issue with the feature requests for reworked planes, its just having so many general topics on basically the same thing gets annoying after a while.

If the mods or anyone else has an opinion, please tell me.


Closed every topic except the first one (and yours, it didn’t ask the question which aircraft should be reworked). As always, if you see a duplicate, flag it. If you don’t, we’ll end up with situations like this. :)


Maybe the plane doesn’t need to be reworked as much as the nut behind the yoke needs adjusted to specification.


Thats Funny! But I agree with the post because it is clearing out some of the duplicates here.

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It’s so funny i go haha. All of the people post reworks when some aircraft are flyable even if the physics are horrible.

Thanks Henrik! Although, in all honesty, mine does talk about aircraft overhauls… Up to you whether to close it or not. Appreciate it!

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What would people post then???

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I’m saying the posts were basically the same. We all know the community’s feeling about duplicates. I’m saying only one should be open so everyone can contribute to the same post, and not be spread about multiple posts and topics. This allows for everyone to see the community’s feelings in a single post, which gives better accuracy on what people want and/or like.

Other stuff.

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Why did you close mine? Mine was for NEW aircrafts too,

New aircraft ideas

Feature requests, what else.

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