Reworked Aircraft Icon Colors

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The Idea

Reworked Aircraft Icon Colors would better allow air traffic controllers to be aware of the happenings at their airport. Aircraft that are tuned out of your frequency would be red on active runways to highlight the very critical area where accidents can happen.


As of now, aircraft that not on your frequency are gray. The same gray as the in-app airport map. Almost the same gray as the tarmac. You have to have a very keen eye to see these aircraft at first glance. Otherwise, it takes a few seconds of searching around, trying to spot tiny gray icons against a large gray background.

With Reworked Aircraft Icon Colors, controllers will have the ability to clear planes for takeoff without having to zoom in on the runway, the trust that they can see all aircraft at all times on the map, especially when not all aircraft are loaded in.

While this would be most useful when splitting tower and ground with another controller, this feature could be useful at all times.

How would it work?

Currently, Infinite Flight can detect when an aircraft is on a runway to make sure people are not idle on runways at non-controlled fields. That same detection method could be used to change the plane icons to red when on active runways.

Note: Aircraft on your frequency will remain blue, as shown above.

This feature request was co-created with @yoshi_flyer

mock-up credits: @AndrewWu

Love this idea! Would make controlling more simplified instead of having to look closer. It also saves time. Every second counts when controlling especially when it’s busy. You’ve got my vote, Luca.


Hey, it’s me in the screenshot! But I think this is a very well thought out request… I may be freeing up a vote for it.

I would like to have this and a different color between inbound and outbound planes

Yeah, honestly I agree. At the least the color of the aircraft should be a different color than grey. It is very hard to see them. You have my vote

Great idea! This definitely has my vote, it will make controlling much easier.

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