Reworked 777-200ER Strobe lights

My brightness is normal, haven’t touched it.

I am still waiting to see what your actions are.

I was able to see them and then they turned off. I see no lights right now.

Here are 2 pics. One with all lights on and one with just landing lights off. I can only see those and nothing else.

Sorry I was trying to figure out the best way to show the pics. Might try to record a short clip…

Let me see…

Your full graphics settings would also be a good bit of information to have.

I’ll take a snapshot real quick…

It will take me some time after I end the session, but I also want to share a short clip of me turning the lights on and off.

Thanks for all the help anyway. I think I’ll just end it right here and try to upload the clip later. Thanks again!

There’s no issue so far with lights. There are some known differences being able to see others using different cameras. You having your engines started you should be able to see all your lights. Note some are hard to see depending on your brightness and graphics settings.

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Here’s a look at my graphics…

I get what you’re saying, but I have viewed the 772ER with the night time setting and literally the only lights that show up on screen are the landing lights.

None of the other aircraft have I experienced this with, just this one, for some unknown reason. It’s perplexing.

I am having some ATC try and we are unable to replicate it. Reboot your device and try again. It could be something simple. Also make sure you are on the latest version as there have been updates made.

Okay, thank you.

Check you device brightness maybe you can’t see because it is too dark

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I have encountered this problem as I do a lot of flight with friends. I also have a problem on the 777 when I close my doors the other person can still see them open. I have to reopen them and close them back. Also when I do my controls check and I arm my spoilers the other person can still see them up. Even thought I turned them off. I have to do the same thing as the doors. Arm the spoilers again the cut them off and it fixes the issue.

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Shouldn’t the beacon be visible before starting the engines? It should be always be on during pushback.

I’ve been having a similar issue since the update.

Main batt, on
Apu, on
Apu, start
Engines, start

That’s how I start, and the lights are never visible throughout this process. Auto start turns them on however but that’s not an ideal solution.

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We are not discussing the order of lights in this topic. But you should turn APU to start first and then it automatically turns to on. At what point are you pressing the various lights button?

What plane are you in?
What camera are you using?

Thank you, but it’s not a question of brightness. The lights don’t appear to be on to ME, no matter the lighting conditions. Whether it’s day or night, dusk or dawn, the strobes and beacon lights don’t appear to be working.

One of the first things I checked was the brightness settings. And this is happening only with the reworked 777-200ER – no other aircraft have I experienced this with. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Beacon/Nav on after APU on. Normal/Locked camera on the A350. Device is an iPad mini 4.

Are you starting the APU by selecting start or are you just moving to on.

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