Reworked 772 question

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oh now i take off, it is working! but when i taxi with APU off, engines on, the screen is stuck at 30 speed

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also we can turn off main battery during flight?

Can you? Yes. Not recommended however.

passengers tend not to like it when you do that…


The 777 rework didn’t include moving inboard ailerons, perhaps this feature will be implemented/fixed in future updates.

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Are we able to use the RAT in the 777?

It’s cool but they took away the old school American one world livery. I liked it at least and the Austrian livery is not correct, yet it would be nice if the two BA liveries stayed.

No. The RAT is not a feature yet.

oof okay, because the 777 has a modeled RAT :/

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Ihavent noticed anything yetbut I havent really done a cockpit revuew on the 777 as I dont plan on flying it until we get the 200F in.

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