Reworked 772 question

Why doesn’t the reworked b777 have moveable flaperons? Or do I need to do a specific thing to activate it?


I was actually wondering if it has them too. I know the old 777-200ER had them, but I didn’t see them on the new one so I’m not sure.


So true they don’t right now! Nice find!

The developers are well aware of this! This is due to the fact that Infinite Flight’s current animation system doesn’t properly support this at this time - it will be worked on in the near future.


Interesting name…

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Oh man 🤦🏻
Thanks for the reply anyways!

That’s what they are called

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I’m so sad right now. I waited so long for the rework to finally release and then my iPad broke just two days ago. My subscription ends in July so I probably won’t be able to do any long hauls

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I hope that they add the rest of the models with working interiors and stuff in the next update.

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and slides on the doors, so if we have emergency we can stop on the runway and open the doors and slides

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Yes, I agree with you haha. By the way, the words labelling buttons and switches in the 772 seems to have become a lot more blurrier than before. Did it also happen to you?

These things might all be able to be added after Project Metal is complete.

Read more about this upcoming project:

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No that’s not a word. What are you trying to describe?

Wow, I cant wait!

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Actually, it is in fact a word.
A flaperon is an aircraft control surface that combines the functionality of both flaps and ailerons.

On the B777 family, among other widebodies, due to their large wingspan, a flaperon can be quite helpful, and is located between the two main flap sets on each wing. When not being used as flaps, these will act as ailerons to help with maneuverability :)


Exactly. Another word for flaperon is inboard ailerons 😉

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Flaperons don’t move and what doesn’t collapse upon retraction. I have to say my gravities part is the 737.

flaps are also not correct

It’s an aileron but flops down when not receiving inputs like the rudder. PM if you wish to discuss more.

why the cockpit is not working, I thought they will make the cockpit screen working

Start APU and turn on Master Battery and then watch the magic

It seems like the inboard ailerons of the B777 aren’t synchronized with the outboard ones. Hope you guys will fix it soon. Thank you for your hard work!

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