Rework the "cleared for takeoff" command

It would be nice to expand the cleared for takeoff command to include altitude (and maybe heading).

"American 587 heavy, cleared for takeoff 12L, climb and maintain 5,000, turn left heading 060"
Then the pilot would contact Departure/Center/Approach, then would check in and request a climb to their cruising altitude. It would remove the “I’m already almost at my cruising altitude, but I’m going to request an altitude change anyway” problem.


Incorrect phraseology.


We can add the winds to ;)

I’ve heard in some of steveo1kinevo’s videos that the tower says “N1TB, cleared for take off 9L, fly runway heading”. I guess that isn’t considered departure instructions?


Really what he’s asking for is clearance delivery from tower. Tower can instruct VFR aircraft to follow some guidelines on departure such as “Stay clear of the Bravo” “Fly runway heading”. “Make right/Left traffic departure”. But tower won’t instruct a pilot on a Vector or altitude flying VFR. IFR get this from clearance delivery. So really in IF this wouldn’t help much until Clearance delivery is put in place.


Only exception if it’s an OMNI, then tower is simply instructing what OMNI says.

What would be nice is if departing pilots would fly runway heading till they’re above pattern altitude, and clear of any inbounds!


It would be better if it said " American 391 winds 330 @4 runway 25L cleared for takeoff

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These instructions are given to tower from approach/departure whenever the tower requests release of that particular aircraft. In most cases, tower does not have the jurisdiction to assign an altitude and heading as they please.

If the aircraft is flying a published SID that may be a different story, but I have also seen “turn left/right on course” as a means to afford the aircraft an early turnout.

I’d love to see more capabilities for our ATC facilities but I think most of the problems are in the foundation. Proper flight planning and clearance delivery could solve a lot of this.


In the UK at the smaller general aviation airports, VFR flights often give details of intended direction of travel when obtaining taxi clearence.

For example:
“Shoreham Tower, G-BUJO is a PA28 with information Kilo (ATIS), requesting taxi clearance for a VFR flight to the east, 2 on board.”

ATC will often give a direction instruction with the take-off clearance to help give other pilots situational awareness.

So a takeoff clearance will sound like:
“G-BUJO, with a right turn after departure, cleared for take-off”.

“Right turn after departure and cleared for take off, G-BUJO”.

So in general terms it does sometimes happen in general aviation. Specific vectors I’ve never heard though.


No its no its not a reminder!

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It would be a reminder if you received your clearance ahead of time. Since we don’t have clearance delivery in IF, tower would be giving the initial instruction.

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Maybe “Winds at , fly runway heading, runway 09L cleared for takeoff.”


This looks like a good idea. I think the "cleared for takeoff is not really enough. Yes some people will argue it is just fine how it is, but I listen to and they say fly runway heading or something like that. Or they say left turn after takeoff, maintain 5,000 ft or something.

I’d like to see a “Tower, N1214HK, ready for departure on runway 17L” instead of requesting takeoff.

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I think it should be like this

Delta 195 cleared for take-off Runway 27L winds 150 at 9

This is incorrect, I will issue headings and hard altitudes all day.

Let’s look at one example, traffic pattern altitudes… you call up, and guess what I do, climb to 1800 or descend to 1800…

Or if there is traffic and I want you above it, I’ll give you that altitude. If I need you to turn a certain way, you’re getting that as well.


This is also incorrect, I issue departure instructions with the clearance.


Wrong as well… come on guys…


So close… but still wrong…

Here is more what I would transmit,

“Omni59 heavy, on departure turn left heading zero six zero, climb and maintain six thousand, wind 360/06, runway 36R cleared for takeoff”.