Rework the A-10 Warthog

Refreshed A-10 Warthog with full animations and virtual cockpit

Example of A-10 Warthog’s cockpit


He’s made 2 posts about the exact same thing. I’m flagging this one instead of the newer one because the other has more info. Do you think this is worth flagging because he may have made the other topic to add in some new stuff?

If you could, please let me know if I did the right thing flagging this. The OP has some other duplicate threads up by the way. Thanks!

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Shut up already your filling up the topics no one gets a chance for people to reply just shut up


Sorry, I just made it wrong at editing because some people were confusing with my words. So I wanted to do it again.
Thank you.

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Sorry, I just used the wrong word and I saw someone said I used " refreshed" and I changed “reworked” and I don’t know how to delete and redo again.
Thank you.

I have started flying the A-10 loads. Would love it to be updated!


slowest fighter jet ever made :D but it has autopilot!


This would be so awesome. The one on IF has no spoilers or a cockpit view and very bad graphics. It would be cool to have the brrrrt sound effect too.


I love the A-10 would love to see more details

you misspelled attack jet… “A”-10 and not “F”-10

When did i say attack jet? I am confused

it was a joke with you calling it a fighter… it is an attack jet, not a fighter jet…