Rework pushback command

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Nice request mate (unfortunately I’m out of votes)! @Infiniteflight_Delta, check this out:

This would be great. Nice request!

I would quite like for the push back to be much faster, right now it’s 3 mph so slow! If should be atleast 5mph

Maybe with this we could slow down the pushback speed too.

You mean speed up the pushback, it’s pretty slow.

What’s the rush? 3kts is right on the money. It’s not too fast, and not too slow.


Now we are talking !

No it is slower than a realistic pushback.

From my experience the pushback speed is what one SHOULD push the plane at per SOP.

Sometimes you will see people push a plane faster however you greatly elevate the risk of hitting something with the plane or damage the aircraft/towbar should the plane get ahead of you.


For everyone who is fighting over the pushback speed, please continue your discussion here: Faster pushback

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Great idea Jacob! I love the way you think!

These are the same people that think the taxi speed needs to be 35, Whenever below 10K you need to do 250, and above max throttle until you see the red line’s. You can’t fix stupid. Just sayin


I actually don’t do that.

I’m so sorry, but I have to revitalise this thread now global flight is live. It’s an absolute must!!


I agree. Especially now because we’re able to shut down and start the engines. I think that FDS has to take a look at the whole phraseology though. Everytime I hear „XYZ is ready for takeoff“ I wonder why they haven’t changed it to „ready for departure“ yet. Same thing for „Taxi to Runway“. „Taxi to and hold short Runway…“ would be better.

But I’m running of the track: It’s a great idea!


Very good point there, DasMarc.

Hopefully the command gets a bit more attention. As, it would increase the realism for pilots.

Great request.

Reminds me so much of when I was working on the ramp for American Eagle!!!