Rework on Pan Am livery for 747-200

So guys, I’ve been recently been flying with the Pan Am 747-200, and I just think that something is not right with the livery.

The thing that is wrong about it: instead of 6 windows on the upper deck, make it 3 windows like the KLM 747-200 in the game. Also, the Pan Am livery is missing the tiny black dot on the front of the nose.

And this is what it should look like:

Photo Credits:

Please do the rework on this livery. It would be very nice if you developers did so. Thanks!

Bumping this so the devs can at least see it


Dang I forgot about this one

The Pan Am livery for the 747-200 doesn’t need a rework. The image you have is of “Clipper Sovereign of the Seas,” which is registered as N755PA. The livery used in Infinite Flight is N730PA, “Clipper Gem of the Ocean,” which is accurate with the actual aircraft.

Credit goes to Bill Hough, and his image can be found here: