Rework of the username system.

Hello IFC, I would make a proposal to be able to add prefixes to your usernames.

Why would this be useful?

  • For those of us with long names like mine it would make us be able to add IFC- Infiniteaviation06 or BAVA-Infiniteaviation06.
  • This would be good for VAs to identify their member in game rather than having to search there callsign in slack for example.

How would this work?

Prefix - username.
Thanks for reading.

I agree with this! Sadly outta votes

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@Trio had an idea quite alike to yours. Check out this thread:

Flagged it

I agree with you but I like my idea more respectfully. :)

(P.S. Don’t flag my carefully made and detailed request)

Yeah I was trying to say what you were saying.