Rework of the Grade System

IMPORTANT: I know there are a lot of request out there regarding the Grade system. Most of them are only requesting change of one single aspect though. My request goes further. Thank you.

The Grade system hasn’t change very much for a long time. It was perfect, before Global. But now, after this game changing release, I think it’s time for a rework.

Getting the 40‘000XP for Grade 3, as well as the 10 hours of flight time to be very difficult when we only has small regions. But today, with global, it is possible to get 10‘000XP and 20 hours of flight time in like 1 single flight. Grade 3 isn’t a big challenge anymore, which is why there are a lot of pilots on the advanced server, who actually should not be allowed there because they have way not enough practice.

An interesting ide I’ve read to solve this problem is to simply raise the advanced server requirement to Grade 4. Here we have another problem: The landings (90 days) requirement.

Grade 4 requires 100 landings in the past 90 days. Grade 5 requires even 200 landings. This system is the reason why we have Grade 3 pilots with like 500‘000XP and 400 hours of Flight Time. It’s unfair to have them on the same Grade with pilots that have only 10‘000XP, just because they’re not able to do those 200 landings in 90 days.

Personally, I hate to do Touch and Gos all day, but I have to if I want to keep my Grade high. You can fly 20hours but still only get 1 single landing for that. That’s not enough.

My request is to rework the Grade system. I don’t request it to be in my way. I request it to be more fair and more efficient, now that Global is released.

Here’s just an idea of how it could look. I marked the changes with + (raise of requirement) and - (lower requirement)

Grade 1
Flight Time: 0
Landings: 0
XP: 0
Flight Time (90 days): 0
Landings (90 days): 0

Grade 2
Flight Time: 1
Landings: 25
XP: 1000
Flight Time (90 days): 0
Landings (90 days): 0

Grade 3
Flight Time: 30 (+)
Landings: 100 (+)
XP: 50‘000 (+)
Flight Time (90 days): 3 (+)
Landings (90 days): 10 (+)

Grade 4
Flight Time: 100 (+)
Landings: 300 (+)
XP: 100‘000 (+)
Flight Time (90 days): 10
Landings (90 days): 90 (-)

Grade 5
Flight Time: 250
Landings: 750
XP: 200‘000 (+)
Flight Time (90 days): 20
Landings (90 days): 90 (-)

As I said, that’s just my idea. My request is a rework and not the implementation of exactly this idea.

Happy Landings!

I think they should just Add Grade 6 and double it from Grade 5


Why so many topics about grades…?
Just why?


Anyway I do agree a little change could be done. Not the most important thing tough imo.

I don’t think this is really needed right now, time will tell ;)

Well, the actual system, as you said, doesn’t count very much pilot skills so reworking Grades adding some Flight Hours or Landings isn’t a good idea, in my opinion of course. I think the best idea is that every pilot should be tested, but this is quite hard…

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MaxSez: Much tado about a Repetitive/Duplicate Nothing Berger. FDS got yr back already you betya! Machine Testing for advancement is the only fair and logical answer, right Mattia! G’day All.

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This has been brought up many times and Tyler said that things will be reviewed when necessary or if changes are needed. Cheers