Rework of the airbus a330-300 and airbus a340-600 and addition of airbus a330-200 and a340-300

Hello IFC, I think when all the variants of the boeing 777 will be reworked and released I think it would be time to rework the airbus a330-300 and the airbus a340-600 and add the airbus a330-200 and the airbus a340-600 because its would be extremely incredible to see this plane reworked to perfection in infinite flight.

Hello! Please vote in the requests linked below (A330 and A340 rework requests have been closed due to staff noting them internally). Thanks!


Hi! I recommend checking out each of the individual topics for these aircraft, simply search the name in the Search bar and you will find them.


Great idea! I suggest to vote for the already existing requests that have been linked above 💪