Rework of Spawn Locations (Solo)

I spawned into Kai Tak today, hoping I could try out the dangerous runway 13 approach. Unfortunately, I spawned on the ILS, meaning I was put in behind the mountain perpendicular to the glide slope. When I tried the Aspen 33 approach, I ended up spawning inside a mountain.

I think there needs to be an edited landing spawn location at some of these airports, so their iconic approaches can be conducted with ease. Kai Tak’s spawn for runway 13 can be where the approach chart starts in real life. As for Aspen, the spawn should be above the mountain so we can actually see whats in front of us and not the endless abyss under the surface.


Let me know what you think!

Hi there.
This is a great idea.
However this is the same idea to this :


Not quite. That’s an option to spawn in the pattern, but I’m talking about spawning on final. The location of which you spawn into final should be different. I can see how you would think that though, the chart does slightly resemble a traffic pattern…

It would be great if spawn points like at Kai Tak could be fixed

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I found the same problem with Tivat as well. It also needs reworking.

Bumping my own topic, I would really like to see this rework.