Rework Needed on Embraer

Infinite Flight loves their big boy planes. We already know the 777 rework is coming and maybe there are hints of the 737 being updated as well, but afterwards I think they should shift their attention to regional jets, specifically the Embraer Series. I have a few main reasons why they need to be updated. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

  1. Half of the airlines in the Embraer Jets Series are no longer operational. I personally don’t like using
    US Airways as a subsitute for American Eagle. Maybe it’s a slight OCD problem, but I can’t be the
    only one, right?
    Other dead airlines include: Northwest Airlines, Flybe, Generic (because no one uses generic), and
    Old United. Very old.

  2. The cockpit. I don’t need to explain.

  3. There are only four airlines per aircraft (if you count generic) Add a few.
    I’d say the most important that need to be added are:

    I’m talking about the E145, E140, and E135. (E145 is most common btw)
    They air basically CRJ200’s with a little extra range. Most airlines that operate these aircraft are in
    the USA, but I don’t see that as a big problem considering most people in the casual server spawn
    into KLAX anyways…

There have been very few threads in the past couple years over the Embraer series because 757’s and 330’s seem to get most people’s attention. I don’t blame them, and while I can see a need for an update for those aircraft, this one takes the cake in my book. I think this is the most underrated aircraft in the game in my opinion; it shouldn’t be as mistreated as it is.
If you agree, tell me, like this, I don’t know. Do something. I know this isn’t a formal essay like you all expect, but this is how I express my thoughts into words, from an IF pilot to a developer.

Thanks for your time.

You can vote for that here:

I use it :)
As said above, you can go vote for the existing topic.

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One thing, actually many people use generic. Many VAs use generic for aircraft that don’t have their livery. AMVA uses generic on the e-Jets. Sooooo

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Oh, trust me you are not, got me right here…

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