Rework IF App Homescreen

Dear IF community, try to remember the first time you arrived at an airport (maybe as a child): I can say for myself, that I was totally overwhelmed back in the days. And this is where my feature request takes place:

Why not using this spectacular scenario of an airport right when the game gets loaded?Instead of the actual clean and sober designed Homescreen we might have in future a more realistic and fascinating Aiport Lobby with live scenarios (no static images!) like this:

In the middle of the screen we won’t see a graphic world map as of now, instead we’ll have new featured 3D Airports with Live Traffic.
I did a first design draft with updates to the navigation. All required functions are now finding their home using the well known icons at the bottom of the screen:

  • Fly (online and solo combined in one navigation tab)

  • ATC Operations Bridge

  • Pilots Lounge (Settings, Logbook, Replays and Userguide)

Navigation example

In addition to the eye candy camera views we’ll have sounds that fit perfectly to the airport. For a better understanding watch one of the perfectly executed videos of Kostas:

Another cool feature could be a real-time traffic billboard which shows all active planes/users at the featured aiport.

I think there could be a lot more useful features attached to the core idea. Everything depends on development time/ technical restrictions. I’m not an developer, so I have no idea how difficult it is to develop an idea as described. Anyways, I hope you like the idea.


You got my vote! Very nice idea, and it could make the menu look a little more organized and cleaner.


Thank you sir! Glad you like it 👍🏻

Love this! Your suggestions would make the interference more upscale and premium! Voted 👌


I like the idea of a more compact home screen, but it lacks simplicity. Everything here is an extra click to get to the content you want, and I imagine for new users, it would be extremely complicated.

The current home interface is super clean and organized, you never get confused as to where something is. And it’s not overwhelming either. Whilst it would be nice to have some bright images, I personally think it would take away too much from the UI to be useful. Making a UI simpler and clearer doesn’t involve adding massive bright images. The live map we have now is super clean and effective. It’s also very friendly towards people with visual disabilities such as colour blindness and dyslexia.

The other thing is there is no mention as to where the settings or support links are. To someone who has never used this “new” interface before, they would likely become frustrated and lost very quickly.

I’d say we’ve come a really long way from this:

Screenshot 2021-06-27 211134

to this:

Screenshot 2021-06-27 211208

You can only simplify things so far before they become overly complicated. I’d say as far as mobile flight simulators go, IF has the cleanest and most modern interface of them all. Love the idea though, you’ve evidently put a load of thought into it.


Thank you Kostas! Absolutely agree, the actual Homescreen, as a first impression of the game, doesn’t underline the perfect product behind it.

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Hey, thx for your Input and thoughts. First I have to explain some things, as you get it wrong: no images, I was thinking of live streams of actual 3D Airports. Other than that, it would only be same as the Loading Screens we have atm.
I also see no additional clicks in my concept as I use the same behavior of click and drag like the UI does when you’re flying.
Every UI comes with advantages and disadvantages, as always. My intention was to underline the beauty of the game at the first impression you got. I like the idea of simplicity, but the actual design lacks of „Aviation“, just my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely understand your argumentation and I appreciate it, but there was also a reason to move from the example you have shown when they updated UI v1 to UI v2. Hope that helped to describe my intentions. Thanks for your feedback!


That’s a really good point!
I always love simple and fast user interface, the current one is fast and really clean where you see everything

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That’s a lovely idea! It wouldn’t be really bad to have a change, not exactly like what you presented (although it’s really nice done), but the idea of the design is good

Thinking about it, maybe there could be a rectangle in the middle with some of the best weekly pics of the IFC moving to the left, with the links above so people who don’t really know what the IFC is can explore it!

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Sure, I think there is more potential for the Home Screen as it is for now. I understand all good arguments for the old one. But I have to say all new things challenge old behaviors. Otherwise every OS would still look the same. This is definitely something to test and to tweak.

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As we got an overhaul of the UI and the Home Screen, is it possible to close this request?

OP request