Rework Boeing 757-200: registrations

Hey guys! I know that IF can’t comment on individual liveries that will be applied to the 757, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to which registrations should be used! Personally (if the livery is included) I’d love to see G-BYAW with her beautiful TUI blue livery! This is my favourite airframe (like… ever!) and it’s sad to see that she’s now been sold by TUI to the RAF as a testbed. It would be my dream come (somewhat) true to one day fly her in those virtual skies! Sadly the 757 is slowly leaving our skies, it’s important that her legacy lives on! Drop any of your registrations below! :)

Look, I think your topic is unnecessary, sorry! But liverys will be added according to your registration number in the photo on your livery orders. So that’s it, I hope I helped you with something.

This also has nothing to do with #features.

Hey! IF sent me a DM to suggest I post it on here, specifically under #features

Registrations are decided alongside with the liveries, and these have already been decided. Thanks!