Rework B777

we know that some updates that happen in the IF take a while to happen because the IF team works to deliver big and spectacular results.
But there is a doubt … Because working first on an aircraft that has a superior one from the same family than working on one that is superior. In this case I refer to the B777-200, the aircraft is being reworked while an aircraft of the same superior family has already emerged, in this case the B777x.
Of course all IF aircraft need rework, this is notorious. But why work on an old aircraft first while one of the same superior family has appeared, newer and more modern than her???

Also to add on the 777X is a brand new aircraft so physics and information are very scarce and plus there wouldn’t be too many liveries due to airlines not putting a lot of orders as the older 777 is being flown by many airlines and has lots of information on it.


It would be a challenge for the Devs seeing as it isn’t close to even being delivered yet. If you really want the 777X then vote for it! :D


The developers have not had the chance to observe and research the physics and characteristics of the 777x. It may seem simple, but the completely new wing design of the 777x from the 777-200 makes it handle differently. The IF team does not want to give us a half-baked flight model and neither do we. It will come eventually, but there are other aircraft that need attention first like the A380 and 747 family.

Infinite Flight Is a simulator that has evolved tremendously over the past years. It has a very big amount of aircraft, which from the point of the main audience, people love flying. You can chose form the A318 to the A380 and thus. However, 70% of IF’s aircraft are not up to the current standard. While you’re right there are aircraft that should be added, I think that the primary thing to focus on currently is to rework existing aircraft to current standards. You can’t have an aircraft with high-quality live cockpits and textures when you have some other planes that have simple screenshots as the front cockpit panel, it’s just a bit weird. I think that the number of planes IF currently has it great, and if they manage to rework a good amount the sim would be at the top of the charts.

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We know it was voted on.
But I do not understand why to rework an old aircraft than to develop a new version of the same family, modern and with ample technology.

Obs: It is just a doubt that I am thinking

I do want the IF to develop the B777x, but as I said, it is a doubt that I wonder.

Refer to my post which explains why it’s not happening on post #3

Yes! very good.

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Dude it doesn’t make any sense that they make new aircrafts first rather than reworking the old ones. Everyone wants new aircrafts I want 777X too, but I think its first priority to rework the old ones first. Moreover, 777X isn’t even in service yet. rework the 777 family (ofc 777X is not counted in this rework)is pretty reasonable to me and somebody up there mentioned its voted, you can vote 777X if you want, I am sure it will come eventually :).

Yes, but if they launched new more current aircraft, the IF would have an extra giant audience.
I understand that old aircraft need rework as I said

I’m not trying to put anyone down but with the time it took for the A350! It’s going to be a long time for the 777X, it’s size is one thing, it’s not even out yet, and it’s basically a refurbished 747-8i! I am desperate for a beauty like that to come out but only more than a year’s wait for it! 💔✈️

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@anon15351514 You are correct, they took half year to update 772, just to make it as detailed at possible. However, if you look at A350, they made it from zero, and did you know how long it took? 777X is not in service yet, it will be ridiculous if they spend that long period of time to make a new plane and causing a delay to existing planes rework. Once again, I would love to see the 777X, but its obviously not in the priorities :D

I said that old aircraft do need rework. But, if it were possible to work in a way that the old and the new aircraft launched are updated.
But I understand that it would be a very difficult job

@CapDUDE you’re basically speaking my mind! 🧠 💫🧠

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See the highlighted post. The developers cannot develop an aircraft that doesn’t really “exist” yet. The 777X hasn’t even made it to production yet. Maybe in a few years this will be a aircraft for consideration, but not anytime soon.