Rework and Re-Add the Space Shuttle (Remake)

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Though this is a duplicate, the other one did not add much of detail so I thought I would.

If you played in 2014-2016, you would remember a certain aircraft known as the Space Shuttle. This aircraft came with it’s own mission and other things. However, a few years ago it was removed. I am proposing to rework and re-add it.

Why Would This Be a Good Idea

In my personal opinion, the space shuttle would be a great addition because it would allow us to do even higher altitude landings. We would get a new field of aircraft with the addition of space, as well as new possibilities. We would also get some new things and ways to fly.

What Would We Need To Add

I believe we should add a launch system, such as a rocket or propulsion for realism. You can choose this in the aircraft selection menu. You can use a launch button to propel you up and then a separation button to separate. Along with that, space center airports would need to have launch pads added for a rocket launch. We would also need to add new liverys to it including all the different space shuttles like Columbia. We would finally need reworked systems such as rudders, elevators, flaps, gears, instruments, and handling.


In conclusion, I believe that the space shuttle would be a good addition to Infinite Flight. It was removed, however, it could make a comeback, as long as the effort is used to put it back in the game. I also just want to take on the people that say that this could be used to troll, yes it could. However, I believe that if people respect it and use it for its intended purpose, then I believe that it could be a good addition. Finally, it should only be used on casual if used on global because of the speed laws. (Unless it is given fighter jet rights to go whatever speed despite the server).

I just want to thank @Godzilla_Gamer for the idea. Also, before you tell me that it would be impossible, think about the final product and though it would take a lot of effort, it would yield a big outcome! Also, though it is technically not a “plane”, it is still a fixed-wing aircraft that should have a right to at least be considered. That’s all for this guys.

You can always just download a old APK of the game and play the space shuttle like that. That’s how I play it.


True, however I think it would be better to have the space shuttle as it would be awesome to use it on global.


Just imagine going to SPAAAACE with this one. Infinite flight should make a space shuttle carrier or NASA Base… That would be fun.


We do have the 747 SCA, but if Infinite Flight made a Space Station (ISS) then I would really be excited.


I don’t want to see that on commercial runways but as @Mattheus has said, a space station would be accepted by me.

Man I still remember this just like it was yesterday. I hope it gets added again in the future but I’m sadly out of votes.


Why was it removed

How can you download an apk of the game?


Imagine if Infinite Flight had a system where you could take off in the 747 SCA, then switch to the space shuttle and blast off into space…

at night, my dreams do get really wild, don’t they


I legit take a few hours off to sleep, and now my inbox is bombarded with space shuttle things. If you truly want it, please vote for it.

It would be a cool thing to add but maybe only on solo people on live would go crazy it was removed for a reason it sucks to see it go but like real planes the time eventually comes

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Pardon my necro posting its technically not, as the previous reply was only posted 9 days ago and my late response, but thanks for the newfound attention to this request. I really hope we can fly soon enough in a new and improved SPAAAAACEEE shuttle!



Thanks past me, frankly this thing needs more attention because I bet a lot of people want this thing back. Sorry for necroposting, again. But frankly this thing should be added back as it is awesome and was awesome to fly.


Imagine getting Treelon Musk’s Tesla Roadster to send to space. Woah.

You mean Elon Blunt’s Roadster?

I like how ya’ll are avoiding copyright issues

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Not tryna get them strikes. Gotta stay monetized.

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i dont know if this violates the forum or not, but its funny

ElonSayz: Gotta keep copyright claims down. And smoke.

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