Rework aircraft in need vs adding new aircraft

We have legacy aircraft in IF such as the C-17, CRJ & 757 to name a few that are badly in need of a rework to include flight physics and other features in order to bring them up to the same quality standard as the Dash 8, C-130, 787 and other aircraft.

In my opinion, following Global & the MD-11, it would be great if FDS pursues the rework of aircraft in need vs adding new aircraft. I think these aircraft improvements will deliver a lot more value to the sim than adding new aircraft.

Feel free to share your opinion. No offense will be taken if you disagree just be respectful about it. Thanks.


CRJ RW already confirmed.


Copy that. There’s no way all the aircraft in need can be reworked over night lol. But a goal of reworking all in need would be great.

The CRJ is a great choice. With improvements like a 3D cockpit it could be flown as an airliner or business jet. The latter is awesome as we only have 1 business jet in IF which is the citation. I believe the CRJ originates from the hawker business jet if I remember correct.


We have 4 business jets. The A318 ACJ, the Boeing 73 BBJ and the 747-8 business jet.


Appreciate the correction. To clarify im talking about small business jets such as the Dassault Falcon series, Embraer E jets, Citation, Learjet & Gulfstream series. Mb the more correct term is “corporate jets”.


Theres multiple requests for some (some are actually high in votes)

I also agree with you about the C-17


I only remember the CRJ winning the popular vote. I never heard or saw an official post that it was confirmed the winner… 🙃


True but there’s also multiple requests for new aircraft. I think FDS has to decide for rework to be the development direction after global and the MD11. Otherwise the community will continue to ask and vote for all sorts of stuff.

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Agree! But maybe add a nice GA Aircraft with one or two liveries and the sexy Boeing Beluga Whale :)

AND then we can do the rework

For me, what I would like to see is aircraft being added and reworks being done simultaneously. I would expect time in between updates to be longer, but it is more than worth the wait.


Yeah like as they rework the crj they add the A350xwb family.


A350 wont be added for a while (2 years atleast)

But I think aircraft like the GA Aircraft, A340 Rework (Adding aircraft), and maybe the DC aircraft are possible (DC-8)

Global has taken two years. If we can wait THAT long for an update, I wouldn’t mind 5-7 months for them to rework all current aircraft at once.

They can even work on 2-3 aircraft reworks at a time, and release them in separate updates.

See, we have some hardworking devs, and I appreciate their work undoubtedly. However, one of IF’s biggest problems that will be after the Global update, is that some aircraft are out of date.

The problem is, they introduce a new feature like wingflex on one aircraft, and only that aircraft. This then makes all previous aircraft considered outdated, because they do not have this feature. If more time was taken for one feature to be added to every aircraft, it would make lots of people happy and excited.

For example, the A320 family is great with its cabin and cockpit lights, but it is starting to be considered outdated with every new feature they release. Since the A320 update, we’ve had multiple new things introduced like…

  • Wing flex
  • 4K Textures
  • Working cargo doors
  • Realistic strobe lights (787)

The A320 doesn’t have all of this, and that is why eventually, someone will make yet another A320 rework feature request. If one feature was introduced and added to every aircraft, it will make people happy and will reduce workload in the future… Just my opinion.


If they were to do that then they might just have to raise the price by 3 dollars on every aircraft. Just my two cents though


I wouldn’t mind paying even $10! Per plane

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I wouldn’t see why, the 787 has all these features (cept cargo doors) and is $5 USD.


I would be more than willing to pay extra for a higher quality aircraft.

I am putting this in spoilers because it is a bit speculative. But I feel one of the reasons these reworks are not being done is because they would make more money off of releasing a new aircraft / paid feature. However, as I said, I would be (and probably a lot of other people) would be more than willing to pay more for better aircraft.


I agree with everything said, however I will also say that the C130, while having an AMAZING DESIGN and LIVERY, is not very accurate Flight wise. but there are a lot of aircraft that need work ups.

I would also say though that I would not pay a lot of money for extra planes. We already pay $50 a year for a subscription, (which for the quality is unmatched anywhere else), but I feel charging per plane would turn a lot of basic and even new users off.

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If that’s the case, then just raise the aircraft price by a dollar or two, I’ll be fine with that. And it is also a different solution instead of what you said.

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What about the C130 is not accurate? Can you provide technical data to support this? If so, we would be happy to take a look and make adjustments. We have C130 pilots testing and flying this who say otherwise.

Also, this post in nature is quickly becoming one giant feature request. Find some common ground to the OP’s original intention or this will likely be closed fast.