Reviving my performance calculator idea from 1+ year ago (also my first topic post in over a year)

Hey folks,

Spring 2022, I decided I would create a performance calculation tool for use with IF. The tool was basic, and computed v-speeds for takeoff and landing, nothing else.

This week, I decided to revive the idea once again. But with a LOT more detail.

I now have a gig flying and we use a similar tool for the performance data of our flights. To attain a personal use license for this tool to use with simulator stuff would be ridiculous, much less it would cost thousands/year due to number of aircraft profiles, liability involved, etc.

So I took it upon myself to create something similar in Google sheets that does the same thing. It’s definitely a bear to write, but the end result is amazing.

This is the first one, created for the A220. It requests temperature, airport elevation, runway length, wind and weight data (no baro yet since I don’t believe IF integrates pressure into aircraft performance within the sim), and it spits out takeoff field length, v-speeds, %N1 necessary for takeoff, and (as of tonight) will also provide max runway takeoff weight (MRTW) for the given TORA (takeoff run available) distance. I created a table of base distances, from guesses of performance distances judging from what I saw on replays. I wish there was a better method, but as there is no solid real time flight analysis app that records this, I have to do what I have to do. Thanks @AndrewWu for the tip!

To come: landing v-speed calculation, landing distance calculation, go-around thrust, with integration of all the same factors as with takeoff data. Then I will be packing all of this into an app format, if possible.

And then I want to make another for each aircraft available within the sim. Let’s see how committed I stay to this project. It would be nice if I finished it lol, but man that’s a LOT of time and a LOT of work! Let’s see how it goes!


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