Reviving Dead Liveries: Series Post #1

YSSY Takeoff

Hola Everyone! So this is a new series of Screenshots where every day, I post a picture of an Uncommonly used livery that deserves more attention!

For today’s post, I am Featuring a Qantas 737-800. I rarely see these babies in the air, instead, I usually see heavies of Qantas. I hope this aircraft can be used more.


I’m not sure what you’re talking about… whenever YSSY is featured you see those all over.


Ooh! ooh! MEA!

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This is great idea! I’m gonna make a flight request for you with a very underused livery in my opinion

KBOS-KDCA JetBlue E190

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Yes correct however i fell sydney needs to be featured a bit more then it is. (Australia in general)

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