Revised 'Support' Catagory

Dunno about you, but I’m pretty sick of trawling through endless repetitive threads…

Maybe I present another of Ice’s amazing revolutionary ideas 😬

Rename the Support category ‘Troubleshooting’, and lock it’s access to mod-chosen topics (like tutorials). These can give guides to solving common issues like Error 4, 100% Standing, and other issues similar to this. A top pinned thread would provide a link to the support system on the main website, manned by David.

Why? Most of the issues in this category are either:

  1. Bugs
  2. Have been answered millions of times
  3. Can be solved through the existing system.



What’s the difference between support and troubleshooting?

Well only like regularisering or mods write tutorials about isades people are having, which people report though a site. This is how I understood it.

Either way, great idea! Would need a little more moderation from moderators though but that’s no problem is it @Swang007? 😊

We would need to see what @philippe thinks

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I’m not seeing the issue here. People have problems, they post in the support category and most of the time they get solved.

Most of the time these are about the same issues. There is a system, sort of like PMs on the website. The troubleshooting category would contain solutions to the common problems. Saves us trawling through these repetitive issues.


Any other takers?

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If I may, I would like to vote yes 😎

Thanks for letting me participate

My thought of this is @IceBlue is correct here. I say the people who have problems with they device (android) or problems with the game, search up on the forum what they problem is and maybe a thread will come up with the same problem and that has been answered, and then they can see the read the fix and use it to fix they own problem, it saves making unessary treads