Revised IF Chart: Aerodrome Defined Transition Altitudes Required!

MaxSez: I really like the new chart! Unless I missed it, I note the defined Altitudes Restictions which where clearly displayed on the old chart in the upper right corner are not defined on or displayed in the “information” block of the new chart! This data is a necessities for flight planning enroute transitions of restricted airspace! Is this an oversight or have I just overlooked them!


They were removed for (unknown) reasons. Tyler just released a guide to IFATC members and it should be out to the community soon!

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@Furtive_masstwofourf. MaxSez; That’s all well and good for IFATC . When I fly I want a full bag of data available for flight planning. Unfortunately I don’t know the secret hand shake nor do I have access to the IFATC back channel. A “single” source of planning data on the chart for the “community” is a necessity!


I will happily pass that message, I also imagine he will see this! I’ll let you know what he says!


Thank you.