Revised autopilot on global

As it’ll be possible to create 12 hour + long routes on global, won’t we need a Flight Management System of some sort?
Otherwise you’d have to be constantly with your device manually changing heading every time you reach a waypoint


Welcome to the community! LNAV is confirmed for global, so the autopilot will automatically turn for you at waypoints. Also, please wait until you are TL2 to post in features :) Enjoy your stay here!

P.S. @British-Airways please don’t move their topic if they cannot post in the category. Thanks :)


Yeah like a computer in real life that you have to configure before the flight. image

Oh goodness sorry! Didn’t realise @747life was new! Sorry guys 😐

Btw welcome to the forum!

LNAV already confirmed.

I didn’t know that. Cool.

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That’s not the only thing that’s confirmed with global though, hahaha. We never know, Laura reveals new stuff everyday…

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