Review on Maho Beach and Princess Juliana Airport

Hello everyone!
During my wonderful cruise in the Caribbean with Celebrity X Cruises, I thought I’d give you a review on how Maho Beach is doing after the hurricanes and how the island is recovering.

First thoughts upon arrival

When we first arrived at the beach, it was pretty clear that the island had been devastated by the storms yet was doing it’s best to cover the scars that the storms left. The Princess Juliana Airport Terminal is currently not being used at all and has been reduced to several large outdoor tents on the left hand side when arriving by car. This has caused the airport to only allow one large commercial aircraft in at a time. This has resulted in limited service to the island but the terminal is said to be operational by the end of the year and fully open in 2019.

The Beach
When we arrived in St. Maarten I thought the beach would be a couple rocks because of the storms. But luckily, there’s still a beach! The only thing is, it’s very small. It also no longer has a sand bar which has turned the waves into dangerous swells. Though they do catch the beach goer’s of guard, they are a great way of entertainment when there’s no traffic.

Overall Review
Though I was only able to stay at the beach for a couple hours, I would say that the beach is deffinetly recovering. The sunset bar has been almost completely rebuilt and the beach will eventually recover naturally. The trip to the beach was great and I had an awesome time!

A Sign of Hope

St. Maarten’s citizens are very resilient! The island is definitely on a road for recovery. After the terminal is rebuilt, it is very likely that not just the airlines that once served the airport but new airlines will resume/start service to what will be the renewed St. Maarten
Thanks for reading my review!


Where are the plane photos. Not april fools right?

Car panning failed first picture rip

I was trying to download photos before I took off on my flight but I couldn’t get it off in time.

Oh my goodness! I saw your cruise ship! Where you on the Shiloute or the Reflection?! I was on the Carnival Vista

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I’m glad I was able to catch this beach before Hurricane season. It’s absolutely amazing. I hope the city can return to what it once was.

(The restaurant is extremely overpriced though…)

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