Review on Infinite Flight

I have been a customer over 5 years and I am a little bit angry at a fact that my job is not particularly flying your simulator all day long. I do also have my job that is paying for your app. What I don’t really like about your simulator “you can take this as a formal complaint” is the fact when I am doing a long hall flights and my carrier sends me a message, get a whats app message or insta post while i am working, the system disconnects me from the server. Therefore I have hours of incomplete flights and I don’t feel like even continuing my flight or land my plane anymore. This is absurd with your restrictions on the server and I have started to look into other simulators where I can play and don’t even need to worry about getting disconnected because I left my phone on idle for 10 minutes. Where I come from, we have internet issues and its not reliable. You need to get your mind together and figure out a way to give people who live in other part of the world with internet challenges an easy way around it. Thank you.

IOS 17.1.1:

So just a suggestion, instead of closing the app and responding to the text on a different app you can always swipe down and answer it while leaving the app open. This drastically reduces the likelihood of a crash or server disconnection. Or when flying mute notifications. But I have not had this issue I have to admit.


The point is that I have other things in my life to do at the same time using the simulator. Sometimes I fly to a safe altitude on a long haul flight, than I check my every hour or so since my landing is gonna be in 7 hours . Even if I mute notifications on my phone, I still get alerts from apple about system upgrade, low memory, photo memories etc that i cant control. I cant control carrier messages. I think the way around this is infinite flight should continue running my flight in the back ground even if notifications are on. I also say, they should let the flight run in the background even if it is not on the main screen. So that at the same time we can do other stuff on the phone or ipad. I am sure they are not expecting us to buy a phone just to play their games. A lot of people who love flying have other things to do at the same time on their phone while doing a long haul flight.

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That would be nice, but you have to remember 3 things.

  1. This is only a phone simulator with a limited amount of server space, with a limited amount of people. I am not sure you understand how much of a job this would be, likely pushing the prices up if this capability would be added.
  2. If they did this for every single user this would put a massive strain on ther server.
  3. This would likely mean that a lot of older devices would no longer be supported due to capabilities of these older phones likely not being enough to support a feature like this.

So all in all this is likely not a realistic solution. Now I admit that it would be very nice. I fully agree, but I have actually got a secondary device so this is not a problem for me. The other thing to consider is, you just stick to shorter flights if you really need other apps on your phone.

Perhaps start by giving a longer idle time before disconnection? Lets say an 45 min to an hour atleast?

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This is still an insane amount of time for it to run in the background. I think the most realistic amount if they were to ever consider it would be 5 mins max. Do you know how many older devices would realistically explode if you left IF running in the background for 1 hour?

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The app is constantly under development.
I can imagine a solution for this issue being thought of somewhere along the line as well, so who knows what the future will bring. ;)