Review of visiting four airports in New Hampshire

On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, A friend from Northern New Hampshire wanted me to stay over for a few days. I had a great time during my stay with her up in Berlin, NH. I visited four local airports in New England (Not including the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport). It was an amazing experience visiting these four local airports in New Hampshire :)

Concord Municipal airport (KCON)

While heading up to Berlin, NH, We stopped by the Concord Municipal Airport in Concord, NH (capitol of New Hampshire) and it was my first time at Concord airport, needless to say, was an amazing experience! A Mechanic I meet there offered to show me the hanger, which of course, is a very rare to get an opportunity to enter a hanger without permission.

Berlin Regional Airport (KBML)

Berlin Regional Airport is a small airport located in Milan, NH serving Berlin, NH. I visited there, twice. The first day i visited, there was one full time person working there, he was very friendly, and I noted to him that I was an Aviation Enthusiast, to which we just started talking about aviation. He gave me a little history lesson about Berlin Rgnl, and he seemed very happy to have meet me. One thing he told me was to return the next day to see a Cessna Citation CJ1, which he wanted me to see (along with my friend). So, the next day, while watching FlightAware, the CJ1 was coming in from Myrtle Beach, SC. We arrived 1 hour early, and we saw that the guy we meet was getting the fuel truck ready for the arrival. Another person who worked there, a part time employee, also arrived just incase the other guy needed some help. As the plane neared the Airport, It went off radar, and our new friend told us that he could have cancelled his FP. I noted to him that he was on Left Downwind for 18.
We went out and he allowed me and my friend onto the ramp. Another person came along (A nice guy, who provided transportation for the airport), arrived and entered the ramp area. As we all awaited the arrival of the Cessna Citation, I started to set up my phone to record the moment. As the plane approached, I started filming. When he landed, taxied, and parked at the corner of the ramp, I didn’t know that the Pilot would allow me to enter the aircraft. I was so thrilled and happy that the Airport staff and the Pilots allowed me to enter the Ramp and Cockpit of their jet! I then filmed them leave and I thanked our friend who let me into the ramp, and we said our goodbyes.
You can view the video here:

Mt. Washington Regional Airport (KHIE)

Our friend at Berlin Rgnl told us to go visit another local airport in Whitefield, NH. Later the same day, we set out to go visit the airport. We arrived and I was surprised to see that there was no fence or signage about trespassing. In fact, just about anyone can just climb up the hill and litterally stand at the edge of the runway, and also enter the ramp area near the Terminal by just walking out into the ramp. No one was in the Terminal, and I was a little bit worried about how there is no "Do not trespass " sign. I took some photos and we left. Nevertheless, it was also a great experience, as I was able to actually enter the ramp without effort, but I would advise that If your airport does not have any signage that says Do Not Trespass, I suggest you don’t enter the ramp either way. Other than that, I had a good time looking around the airport and peeking inside the Terminal (Which I took tons of photos).

Gorham Municipal Airport (2G8)

We lived near Gorham, NH (like a 15 min drive depending on traffic) and so, while coming back from Whitefield, NH, we decided to go see Gorham’s Local airport. We saw the sign and entered a road that lead to a wooded area. I noticed that It was a private airport, and had a grass runway. We did see posted signs about not trespassing, but, as our only chance to see the airport, we entered. It wasn’t all that exciting, but was a first time I saw a grass Airstrip. We stayed there for a few seconds before leaving. I took some photos, but they came out in Portrait instead of Landscape (which actually annoys me, as I take video, and photo in Landscape), But I will still share it with the community. surprisingly, the airport is for sale! I wish to have the money and buy the airport so that one day, When I become a Pilot, I would have my own airport to use.

And that everyone, is all of the airports I have visited in just two days! If you read this whole thing, I am impressed! I hope you liked it!


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